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Wow, I know it's only a demo but I am very impressed so far with FM 2012. The new interface is superb, especially on my 1920x1080 laptop.

For the first time I am able to use the 3D match engine reguarly (as I have a new laptop) and it's much better than the older versions.

The new search filter that updates as you change your requirements is fantastic. In the first game I played I even saw my strikers play a delicate one-two. That was brilliant.

Team meeting function is a great addition and I love using that.

Im sure there are bugs but I think this is a brilliant start!

One bug I have noticed actually is player values appearing without anything but the numeric value. So £1,900,000 is 1900000

Oh and the team strength thing that shows how many players you have in each position, fantastic!!! Well, I am playing as Arsenal so it's not so fantastic to look at for me, haha.

Well done SI

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Well said! FM12 is by far the best release so far... It actually feels like a new game. Good job SI.

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