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  1. I second this, also, if the other teams goals are from set pieces then a fluke win via a few set pieces happens alot irl as well...
  2. GD trivia funtime!

    I've got one, from what nation is the current AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper, the one who attecked the fan who attacked him midweek?
  3. GD trivia funtime!

    Was it Arsenal after World War 2?
  4. GD trivia funtime!

    It's still jayahr's turn mate...
  5. I agree with this post in full, plus a bit more. Other things that I've been glad to see changed: 1. Scoring goals after goal kicks when there is a header over the top of the defence has been fixed! 2. The flashing text comes up when it's offside again!

    I will say that the money isn't the problem, it's using PayPal. As someone who hasn't ever used FMRTE, I would say that this isn't what I would define as making a profit from FM, as he doesn't use any code from SI, this is not like someone creating an edit via Si's version of the editor.
  7. GD trivia funtime!

    Just looked it up and 31 is correct, but he joined in 1958... Lucky guess! What are the names of the two defunct sides from the Hyundai A-League.
  8. "Classic Pitch View" help

    Hmmm, same thing happens to me also, thought I might be the only one.
  9. GD trivia funtime!

    I did say 31 for Puskas earlier as a guess...
  10. GD trivia funtime!

    Correct and Correct, as for Puskas, I have no idea...
  11. Editor curiousity

    Okay, I'll remember that myself as well.
  12. GD trivia funtime!

    My turn now then! (Some Guy! should know this) Who was Sydney FC's marquee player and the A-League player of the year in the inaugural Hyundai A-League?
  13. GD trivia funtime!

    Rogerio Ceni plays Goalkeeper!
  14. GD trivia funtime!

    31 (stab in the dark)