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  1. its been a year and a half for me with no partnerships being formed.
  2. I tried to buy in store but had issues as i am from Australia. Is it possible to buy if i dont live in EU or Britain?
  3. Loving the game. There are so many changes that build immersion. A lot of small bugs though but that is to be expected. Corners seem bugged with none of my players attacking the ball. Overall I think the new match engine is fantastic with great potential but still very buggy in parts.
  4. I have always wanted more immersion in the FM series and thought that manager interaction could be much better. I would love to see more mind games and arguments between managers in and out of games. Ingame you could see more touchline confrontations and managers being sent to the stands with consequences to follow from the FA. Football is an emotional game and everyone gets whiteline fever from time to time. If FM could implement some of this it would make the game a lot more realistic. Thoughts?
  5. Biggest immersion breaker for me is the whole squad getting unhappy at the same time if i dont give a player enough games. They seem like robots all instantly getting unhappy. funny thing is that even the players whose position he would take get unhappy and want him to have more games.. I know its a known issue but i think its a big one.
  6. For someone that has put 20 years into football management games (me too) surely you can see the value in the product? I mean $50 for the many hours of gaming you are getting is a bargain in any language. from what i have seen there are many new changes that i keep finding as i go so i have no issue with the new game. if you do that's up to you but there are many games not worth the money, FM15 is not one of them.
  7. i am top of the league and suddenly my entire squad is unhappy because i havnt given monreal enough games, even kieran Gibbs is unhappy and wants me to give monreal more games. What a great bloke! wants to give up his spot to another player.. Interesting way of looking at a defeat.. "after their 4-3 home victory in the first leg Athletico know that a one goal defeat away from home in the return fixture would be enough to see them through as long as they score four themselves" hmmm
  8. Loving the game so far. I have seen a lot of funny things with the match engine though. Players sometimes running away from their man for no reason. I have also just seen podolski crack home a shot which the keeper may have got a slight hand to and it was called an own goal. Also some players when receiving the ball with no other players near them seem to be jinking left and right when they should be running it straight towards the other goal.
  9. isnt playing as any team owned by a billionaire who invests heavily cheating? eg- Chesea, Man city, Psg, Monaco..
  10. I just had a opposing keeper come out and catch the ball and end up standing 3-4 metres outside his area with the ball in his arms and nothing happened. still a lot of ME bugs i think.. Game is fantastic however and once all the me bugs are fixed im sure it will be the best FM by a long long way.
  11. yeh ive always had this. once i know sa new fm is on its way the old one gathers dust.
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