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Help please..transferring saved game from PC to laptop...

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Hi all,

Before i get attacked, I did a search on forum,but couldn't find the exact issue I'm having anywhere..

I hope someone can help me..installed FM2010 on my laptop,copied the entire FM2010 folder from my Desktop into My Documents on my laptop,as suggested...but I still get an error,saying it's unable to load..the game loads fine on my desktop...am I missing something??? Really want to resume playing the same game...

Any advice is appreciated..Please forgive my ignorance...

Both games are unpatched..

Also,the desktop is running Windows Visat,while the laptop has Windows 7...would this make any difference at all??? What about re-installing? Or a faulty flashstick???

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards


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Just so you know, for some stupid reason the hall of fame details are stored in a completely seperate folder on your PC - they're stored here: mycomp/shared documents/sportsinteractive/footballmanager

...so don't forget to transfer that across too :)

I am still bitter about this because I re-formatted my PC and lost all of my HOF information.... :-(

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Usually when software is loaded onto a computer there are some files vital to the software running that are installed into the Windows folders, etc. Making sure you get them all and have the system registry recognising them is nearly impossible.

Your best bet is to install the game from the disk on your laptop and then to transfer just the save game across, plus any graphics, etc you may have added.

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Thanx for that stewie...

I did what you suggested,at the outset..but it still didn't work...

Just some other info..

With Windows 7 on my laptop,as soon as I insert my Portable Hardrive in,it prompts me to run a disk check,to clean a bad sector...in your experiences,would this help?? Or using a flash stick instead?

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Oh my word, I'm such a dummy!!!!

Was working on my PC,and saw FM2010 v10.1 on the desktop..completely forgot that me PC had it..so copied that install file to my laptop..and it's all good :D

Apologies for my daftness :/

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