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  1. I'm not 100% sure and probably best to ask in the Editors forum, but my guess would be that what ever pack you have installed the creator hasn't got the sizes correct for the kits to fit the spaces. I think what you load, simply overlays on the existing blank spaces rather than replaces.
  2. I had him from the start of my game for United and he has been electric. On average since joining he has scored more than 1 a game. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Work permit applications are based on the % of International 'A' games that a player plays over a two year period assuming he is available to play, I believe the number is 75%. In certain circumstances a player may be granted a work permit, usually on appeal, if they are an exceptional talent that would add to the country that is requesting one.
  4. It's basically an option that tells the bidding club that you want time to think about their offer without accepting or rejecting it out of hand.
  5. I have a regen goalkeeper called Lee King, don't think I will be playing him in the first team.
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