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  1. I'm not 100% sure and probably best to ask in the Editors forum, but my guess would be that what ever pack you have installed the creator hasn't got the sizes correct for the kits to fit the spaces. I think what you load, simply overlays on the existing blank spaces rather than replaces.
  2. I had him from the start of my game for United and he has been electric. On average since joining he has scored more than 1 a game. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Work permit applications are based on the % of International 'A' games that a player plays over a two year period assuming he is available to play, I believe the number is 75%. In certain circumstances a player may be granted a work permit, usually on appeal, if they are an exceptional talent that would add to the country that is requesting one.
  4. Go on to Steam and under Library, click on the drop down menu which says All Games. Click on Tools and somewhere on the list will be Football Manager 2012 editor. Right click on the name and click Install. Once installed you can either launch it by right clicking on the Editor in the Tools list or you can create a desktop shortcut, or if on a Mac right click on the Editor icon in the dock once running and click Keep in Dock.
  5. Thats a possibility as I am on a 2011 model of Macbook Pro. Not tried it on my 2009 model, might do so later to see what happens.
  6. What about the thousands, nay tens of thousands who don't visit these forums and don't have any issues. I have used Steam to play FM since 2009 and not once have I had an issue. I also play on a Mac and could therefore expect more issues than PC users as Macs were late to join the gaming fold. Invariably people will shout and complain but very few will come on a forum to say everything is great.
  7. I'm not posting this to be smug, but I am playing FM 12 on a Macbook Pro and have not had any issue with trying to run/play the game since the 12.0.3 update. I have had issues in the past where FM 11 would not load after pressing Play in Steam but after loading Activity Monitor and stopping the FM process or Steam process and then restarting Steam, it always worked. I would say this is not directly an SI or Steam issue, otherwise surely everyone on a Mac would be suffering. There has got to be something that the user is doing either during the update or when quitting Steam that is causing the issue.
  8. I take it you bought the game via Steam and downloaded it/installed it from there and not from the boxed DVD? Once signed into Steam, have you looked on the store for Football Manager 12 to see what your options are, i.e. Purchase, Install, Download, etc. When I click on the game in the store, it tells me I already own it and do I want to play. May be for you it will say the same but tell you to install.
  9. This isn't a bug but more an issue with your resolution. There is a minimum resolution for playing in Windowed mode in order to see everything properly and you have obviously not reached it. You will need to play in Full screen if you want to be able to choose those options.
  10. Click on Boardroom under the Team name drop down.
  11. I also have a Mac with Lion installed and was annoyed that the library folder in my Users folder was hidden, but a quick search on the web, and I found a command to type into a Terminal window to unhide the Library folder. To save you the trouble, the command is - chflags nohidden ~/Library
  12. Considering the size of most save games, even with very little options selected, most e-mail providers would not allow such a large file to be e-mailed.
  13. Best way to play FM on the mac and still use the mac for other things is to utilise Spaces. On Snow Leopard you will find it under System Preferences and here you can assign applications to run on their own desktop and then use the Keyboard to move between the different desktops. On Lion it has been rebranded as Mission Control and the simplest way to add more desktops is to click on the Mission Control icon on the dock or press the keyboard shortcut then when the application window shrinks on the desktop, hold the mouse around the top right and you should get a + button which allows you to add more desktops.
  14. There does seem to be some issue with the transfer system in FM, however, I would place a couple of provisos in there. 1) A human manager is more likely to make lots of bids rather than picking and choosing players and be more willing to pay over the odds for a star player. I know in my case, I am likely to make a dozen or more bids in a transfer period to try and get the players to fit my team. not even in RL is this likely to happen. 2) An AI manager is more likely to do what happens in RL. Pick and choose his targets and not be suckered in to paying over the odds for a player. This doesn't explain the Di Maria situation being available for £8.5 million, it's possible that although we as Humans know that in RL he is an outstanding player, in FM he isn't as outstanding, otherwise why was he transfer listed or he doesn't fit into anyones plans. We cannot expect the AI manager to operate in the same manner as a human. We as a species are impulsive, and make decisions that defy logic sometimes. That is difficult to program into a game. However, I do not think that the system is perfect by any means and I am sure something will be looked at to improve the system for FM12.
  15. FM is compatible on both Mac and PC. Once he has downloaded the Free Mac version of Steam, he can log into his Steam account and download and install FM. i know this is possible as I did the same with FM 10. He will need to remember to transfer any save games or downloaded content to the Mac as this is not on Steam.
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