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  1. I think that TV View should be inverted slightly IF a user wants to add widgets to the screen - so that they don't block any view f the match. How about a fully customizable "tv screen" window, so we can adjust the size according to how many widgets we have open.
  2. This is great stuff! I've just started a Macclesfield save and am looking forward to the challenge. A few things are different though because it includes the January update - but either way I don't think I'll be emulating your achievements of promotion in first season and a trophy the next! Are you still around to post a summary of your third season??
  3. I've just started using these and I have a question - when there's a set of results I click on each match score to take me to the Match Overview screen and it's just the default background. What code do I need to add to the config files to make the stadium pictures appear on these Match Overview screens? I get that it works when i've played a game, on my matchday, but if finish the game, press Continue and then click on any other score from around my division (or even if i click on an old results on my Fixtures page) the Overview screen is just the default background again - no stadium pics. Is there a way around this? Thanks
  4. Without doubt, without question, without hesitation, without a SHADOW..... it's when I press F3 (my shortcut to get to Fixtures) it shows me them half-way down the page. Even when I've just started a save and haven't played even my first pre-season friendly yet, it shows me the fixtures from halfway down, nearer the bottom in fact, and I have to scroll up to the top to see who I've got next, and see past results etc.
  5. I've started a save to get me by until this is released, but I just can't get into it because I keep thinking of Banbury United! Having got them to the football league on fm11, I became disillusioned after a few heavy defeats and left to manage a small Norweigian team... and regretted it. I didn't back up my save. Once this is released... Banbury... Daddy's coming home!!!!!
  6. Download link not working for me... "The webpage cannot be found"
  7. This story has made my day! I did a similar thing with Fiorentina, although the trip was a birthday present from my girlfriend so can't claim the same genius idea as you guys. My blog on that match is here: http://chriswarne85.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/fiorentina-v-palermo/ Incidentally, I'm just back from a 2 day work trip in Holland, we flew to Amsterdam and got the train half-hour south to Voorschotten. The work side of things is nothing to write home about but in the evening I went to the hotel bar and got hammered with a Dutch Jupiler League referee!!! Unfortunately that's not him in the highlights video you posted - that would have been some co-incidence! A great story guys, hope you fall in love with a new team on FM12 and repeat the process
  8. Doubt it 'cause it's your update that's put West Ham in the Championship - there must be some hardcode somewhere that says they're still a Prem team when approaching someone on loan. Can't go posting in the Bugs forum about a bug I've had since using a homemade editor!
  9. One tiny bug-ish problem, I'm West Ham manager and when trying to loan Josh McEachran from Chelsea they refuse because they "Don't want to sell to a divisional rival" But obviously we're not divisional rivals anymore..... annoying
  10. Thanks MG! You are my new best friend, and my girlfriends new nemesis!!!
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