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  1. I think that TV View should be inverted slightly IF a user wants to add widgets to the screen - so that they don't block any view f the match. How about a fully customizable "tv screen" window, so we can adjust the size according to how many widgets we have open.
  2. What's your name in-game? Because the Turneep Stadium sounds like a large vegetable patch...
  3. Yeah I tried the Nescafé world league once, it's brilliant!
  4. No you can't. You'd get done if you were caught trying to BUY the championship. You can buy good players, who still have to perform week in week out, score more goals than anyone else (well that helps) as does conceding fewer than anyone, and doing the double over your nearest title challengers. You have to rotate the squad relentlessly while keeping big egos and a couple of reckless characters happy, and win back a very talented player who's vowed never to come to your city again - even on holiday, ever. If you can manage to achieve all of that, you might win a championship - but you can't just buy it.
  5. Yeah course it does - I have two files, "Journeyman" and "Journeyman (backup)" and everytime I save I alternate between the two. Works a treat
  6. yeah I meant would the OP have come here to post about it.... don't think so myself
  7. One question - if the goal was yours would it be a bug? Thought not!
  8. Call me ignorant but that's a silly idea... it would be well annoying seeing some little figure gesticulating in a manner I never would...... trying to be me.... I'm me... plus I'm sad enough to actually do actions myself, like shout out to players... hey, it's no worse than the Soccer Saturday punditry I do.... "And there's been a goal at Sandy Lane..." "Unbelieveable, Jeff!"
  9. To answer the OP's all important questions... Ba by far, Gerrard by a whisker, Smalling despite the calamity attempt at marking Kompany the other night.
  10. Leeds have just transferred 6 players in real life... ...just saying
  11. England, Spain, Italy, Holland - all leagues, large database. View Only all other leagues. Should be fine
  12. Haha, I think that's a pretty safe bet
  13. I would've thought it would be fine.... you're hardly loading up many leagues there at all. Have you tested to see what star rating it gives you for Computer Performance? I'm pretty sure that small amount of leagues would be fine with no problems.
  14. Only time I've ever been sacked was when i got Leigh RMI relegated from the conference in an old CM game - because you couldn't manage anyone at a lower level - not that that was the only reason of course, getting relegated probably didn't help my cause either