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  1. I've just started an FM11 game and have 2 funny screenshots already! I have another where a player "wants to leave club" and also "doesn't want to leave club" but that's not very original like these... One, for the genius name of this guy http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/870/troystory.png I'm waiting for his twins to come through the ranks - Troy Story 2 and Troy Story 3: 3D! Also, check this out... strange praise indeed, I'm guessing he was being a sarcastic git! http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/4476/71gooddefnding.png
  2. Not heard of dos box before, sounds good! Might be able to play it again after all! L-Wiz they sound like cracking weekends all round! RBKalle that made me laugh about the sport psychology degree and 5 hour of spare time... that's just to get to the first match of the season these days isn't it?? Still love it now though, but long live cm 97/98. I'm gonna get dos box....... ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!
  3. I was back at my parents house recently going through some of my old stuff when I stumbled upon something in a drawer. Championship Manager 97/98, the game of all games. As a kid, born '85, my parents had tried their best to give me a good christmas present year after year... but whatever I opened, be it Sonic 2, Streets Of Rage or Mega Bomberman... no game held my attention for more than a fortnight. (ok maybe 3 weeks for mega bomberman!) When my age hit double figures I decided that perhaps I just wasn't a gamer. Then I got hold of CM 97/98. The game that got me hooked. Admittedly I'm stil
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