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I am managing Villa in the prem and was just wondering what attributes each coach would need for each aspect of training example....

Gk triaining= coaching Gk

Fitness coaching= Strength & Areobic

It's just the rest i dont follow, sorry if this has been asked or i'm in the wrong place

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There's a coach calculator somewhere in this forum.

Do a search mate.

Basically, you input the coachs attributes and the calculator tells you haow many stars the coach has in each training category.

The star rating is calculated with a combination of Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivation.... Coupled together with his technical attributes.

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If you're looking for some more help as to what attributes make a good coach in each department here's a list:

Also, as Rice2cu noted, each coach needs good Determination Discipline and Motivation (DDM) attributes in order to achieve a higher star rating.

Strength: Fitness, DDM

Aerobic: Fitness, DDM

GK - Shot Stopping: Goalkeepers, DDM

GK - Handling: Goalkeepers, DDM

Tactics: Tactical, DDM

Ball Control: Technical, Mental, DDM

Defending: Defending, Tactical, DDM

Attacking: Attacking, Tactical, DDM

Shooting: Attacking, Technical, DDM

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