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  1. You pay out 60k a week and your highest earner is on 4k a week? Screen shots please
  2. If you play a young player in a sucessfull team and they remain sucessful, that player will probably improve faster. There are other factors though, like determination and ambition. His training schedule also plays a role. I believe I once read a thread on hear that said a young player who attains a decent rating in a match, gains CA points. Therefore, if that is coreect, a player that gets a low rating probably wont gain any CA points. I think it's comon sence really. Player plays well, team wins, player improves.
  3. The FM11 Looking For Thread

    ................Lukaku, Not sure if you'll get him for 7m in season 3 though. Worth a try.
  4. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    I got took over in the Championship by a fans consortium. They been pretty good to me to be fair. But they been paying themselves some nice dividends lately -)
  5. dafuge's FM11 challenge

  6. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Ive got a lort of time on my hands at the mo so I play a lot ... Beats watching the crap 'er indoors puts on the telly. My in game hours are a bit decieving. Inbetween Sept and Dec and then Feb and May, I usually holiday between matches. I dont Holiday through transfer windows or registration windows. I holiday because I find these periods in game to be very boring. I think a third of my in game time is spent on holiday and it speeds things up, it also allows me to get a beer from the fridge I can usually play a full season in a day, depending on RL issues.
  7. Ideal squad size?

    In my current fav save, over 30 players made a first team appearance last season (We did play 68 games though ) I obviously have my first choice player in the positions needed for my formation/tactic. Then I try to have at least one good player as cover for each position. Then I try to have at least one very good youth prospect for each position unless my first choice or back up player for that position is very young. That leaves me with usually at least 3 players for each spot. I also bring in a lot of freebies (The best I can find on cheap wages) to fill the reserves and youth team. I do this because I feel that if you have decent reserve and youth teams, they will do well. If they do well in their leageues, hopefully, the players moral is good and they improve as players. So my whole club squad will amount to at least 50/60 players. I play a young prospect at every opprotunity and always have at least one on the bench. Ive found that by the time my back up player demands to leave cos he aint getting games, my youth prospect can step up as a back up.... Well thats the plan anyway
  8. Im doing Defuge's challenge with Tonbridge Angels. Im in my 5th season in the premier league in the year 2025. I finished a very close 4th (On GD from Sundrland in 3rd) in the league last season and won the Euro Cup. Ive shut the game down now but from memory I think Im spending less than 500k a week on wages and am allowed about 800k My biggest earner is on 45k per week. Average wage is about 30/35k and the average squad age is about 22. My tirck has been to sign the best youngsters I can on the lowest wage possible and give them 5 year contracts. I always refuse to give better contracts if there is over 2 years left on the current deal and they usually accept that if the team is doing well and I have built a good relationship with them (I always praise good form/good last match etc) If a player insists on a min release clause or a match highest earner clause (Or similar annoyance) I usually offer a better 5 year deal after one year and omit those clauses. If thay have been playing and we are doing well in the league, they usually always sign the clauseless contract. In 5 years, Ive had problems with only one player over wages. If you work hard at it, it is possible to run a tight ship It is however, very hard, if not impossible, to sign established players in my save on wages under 80/90k per week. (Also, I am yet to spend more than 10million on a single player) Obviously, if you use the monthly payment option (Which I have never done in this save), give out huge wages and buy world class players for 20 mil a pop, sucess should come quicker. But in my particular save I tried to keep it realistic and build slowly ... it is after all, a challenge, not a race Tip; If you gain a promotion, try to give new contracts to players who have the 40% promotion wage rise clause and omit that clause.... Can save you a lot of cash in some cases. Do it just after the season ends obviously.
  9. premier league 25 man squad

    I just looked at the West Ham team as I support them......... It says Hitzlsperger is not home grown, but Im sure he is in FM. Weird.
  10. Facilities Downgraded

    Yeah facilities and grounds become obsolete. Infact I'm suprised they aint tried to get the Olympic Stadium........... Be closer to their fan base an all.
  11. Spurs will always be a small club........... They don't have an Olympic Stadium.
  12. It happens to me all the time but its not the only problem with holidaying and not the worst either. I have had players who are not available for loan, loaned out with right to buy clauses. This can happen to just about any player U21 even if he is in your first team and has several appearances under his belt. Thats with reject all offers checked. Also, never holiday through a registration period. The AI will register a team on the last day of registration, even if you have already done so earlier. It will register the maximum amount of players allowed and will include U21 players even though U21 players dont need to be registered .... It will then leave over 21's out of the squad. I holiday between games very often and this stuff is driving me crazy. I have posted on the bugs forum but the laxy gits want me to upload a save game for them.... What? They cant be bothered to load up a game for themselves???? These issues can be found easily and quickly without any help from us.
  13. The FM11 Looking For Thread

    Jack Butland for GK. Young but can do a job in the champioship. He also develops very fast.
  14. The FM11 Looking For Thread

    Diego Renan