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Problem loading Football Manager 2011

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Hi guys,

I hope I am posting this in the right place. I require your help.

I have installed the new game onto my computer, after receiving it on Thursday afternoon (result!). I installed it, and that went fine, and I began playing the game with no problems whatsoever. Very impressed, built a squad and played a couple of games. Saved the game and turned the computer off.

Tried to load the game up this morning to carry on where I had left off. I had pinned the game to the Start menu, but when I click on this, it brings up a Sports Interactive file, and not the game.

Does anyone know why the game won't load up? It would be greatly appreciated if someone could give me a hand with this so I can carry on my game.



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It brings what ? "Sports Interactive file" ? Can you explain what is this "file" ?

Have you tried going to FM's game folder and launching the fm.exe from there ? Maybe the shortcut you created got corrupted somehow and now leads to an .ico file or something like that.

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when I try to install fm 2011 it completes but says there was errors but when I try to launch it from program files theres no sports interactive installed.the only place theres an icon for fm is in my documents and that doesnt work either,Ive tried installing about 10 times now and no luck,can someone help me please.

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