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Ricky Riccardo

Individual Training Schedules

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Hi guys, I did this in previous versions and it worked out great, so this is my first time trying it in FM10. Basically what I am doing, is creating individual schedules for each player (over 50 including Youth). This takes alot of time to setup, but in the long run is well worth it.

Team, Objective & Settings

I am using Sunderland here with 10 nations loaded and 16 leagues. The reason I am using Sunderland is because they are a young squad and therefore I will be able to mold them into the style of team I want.

Currently, they are one of the worst team in the league at passing, so I am going to change this culture and make them better than average in all aspects of football. I will slowly bring in coaches through the years to get the best out of my training as they already have a decent training setup (18).

I am also controlling the youth team and reserve team with extended highlights.


I will be using a 4-4-2 Diamond and will modify it according to the opponent I face, however I will always be using the same formation, just changing the instructions from game to game and have 5 different versions of it saved to quick load during a game if needed. Attacking, Defensive, Counter, Normal & Possession.


In regards to individual training, I am training the player in an area I feel he needs work in the most to play a vital part in the team and tactic as well as his develeopment. I will also be training a few players in new positions, but only those I feel are suited for it.


I will be updating the thread if anyone is interested and has any questions feel free to ask. Also, if there is one player you would like me to show you improvements on, any suggestions are welcome.


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I've done pretty much the same for my last few saves, it does work well but it can also be a bit of a hassle. Training is the main area that needs improving to cut down on the micromanagement and blatant guesswork.

One problem with individual schedules is that you have to redo them when they change between Youth/Part-time/Fulltime contracts. It would be better if the schedules just scaled to however many hours a week they were contracted for. Also you have to keep deleting old schedules when players leave the club and creating new ones from scratch when they join - some kind of defaults would be nice for each basic position rather than just Goalkeeper.

Now, if they could revamp the training into a 'wizard' style like they have with Tactics, I would be very happy - just as long as we still have the ability to fine-tune them as well.

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