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  1. The SI mods are too sharp to fall for the weak troll, give them more credit lol
  2. This hurt my feelings and I will now lay down and cry because of the pain you inflicted. Reported to the police.
  3. Nope, that's cowardly. Fists and take off the gloves lol
  4. Terrible. Only the one in the OP is a solid 9, that korean bish is a 7.
  5. I'm all for hooligans fighting, so long as no innocent bystanders get hurt. Bit of nationalism is good, be proud of the homeland and the history. Have a bit of a scuffle, it's good for toughening you up. Sick of you left wing social justice warrior weenies always complaining about everything lol.
  6. You guys can't handle the banter, what a suprise! haha no, I love traps.
  7. A draw to Russia is a loss, boyos! And they kicked the shyte out of your fans too! hahaha
  8. Ahh what a beautiful day! England lose, all the infighting starts, many lels were had! You guys need to face facts that you suck at football. You only have a good league because of foreign players. England is trash at all sports they invented!
  9. So are you saying that those perfect crosses we see in game are not perfect but that is what the imaging can come up with? If so, that is still poor.
  10. I had a league 1 save and used two formations, 4-1-4-1 and 4-4-1-1 with a defensive wide mid. I did not conceed one cross in 20 games, but when I faced superior opposition, I conceeded two straight.
  11. The game just hates me. The ai never missed a pen against me, yet I only scored 20% of mine. I'm undecided if crosses are OP yet, I won't post my stuff becauseI like to figure it out on my own. I was just looking to see if this was a bug.
  12. Well I got sacked near the end of the season, tried everything but kept conceeding from crosses. Far post, the attacker gets in behind my defender regardless of who or what instruction is set. I will try football league one now and use a 5-4-1 & 4-5-1 just to figure out how to stop crosses. At this point, I'd rather lose 50-0 and conceed them all in the middle than win 2-1 conceeding a cross.
  13. Thanks guys. I'm playing with wingers, I will drop them back to wide mids. I tried 'show onto weaker foot' and 'close down' but I still conceed. My defence was #1 with Accrington Stanley, but now a mid season slump hit. I will try to see out the rest of the season with wide mids and report back.
  14. Is there something going on with the M.E that my defenders can't defend crosses? This is the only way I'm conceding.
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