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  1. Hi, sorry if this has been asked/discussed elsewhere, but I didn't have any luck searching for it. Firstly let me state that I'm still running FM2014 so things may be a bit different in more recent versions. In my current save, I'd like to delegate the Team, Individual and Match Training Schedules to my staff (via Staff Responsibilities menu). I have a good AssMan, decent coaches and HOYD, DOF etc. Now I know the attributes that impact training (Determination, Discipline, Motivating plus coaching area), but which attributes should help me decide which of my staff is the best person to manage
  2. It could be they aren't very determined players, not very ambitious or low Work Rate etc. I'm not sure what all the factors are that influence this level of training but if you leave them on a schedule that is too hard for them for too long it can effect their morale and the rate at which they recover their fitness between matches. In some cases it may not matter too much, but you'll have to experiment. I usually put players like this on an individual schedule and reduce the workload for them if they are first team players. For youth or reserve players, try to have them tutored to up their det
  3. I've never managed an Amateur team to be honest (I often pinch players from them though ) - but I think they are also considered as Part Time players? I'd treat them the same as PT players (unless they are actually on FT contracts??? how would they afford to eat??) You'll be able to tell when you try to assign a player to an existing scedule it will say (part-time) or not as the case may be.
  4. Only fulltime & youth for the moment, but you can use it as a guideline for Part Time players. Roughly speaking use half the amount of focus points for each category then tweek it a bit (usually down) so that 1) the proportions of training effort are similar to that of the Full Time schedule and 2) the player is training at a level he is comfortable with. It's only a guideline remember, you will need to adjust it to for the allowable hours and player needs, but it's a good place to start. For example a FT Developing CB schedule might require 5 focus on Strength training (or 15 notches on
  5. Try out the spreadsheet (back on page 6 of this thread you'll find a link). It makes things a lot quicker when you start creating all the schedules for the first time. After a while you'll remember how many 'notches' you need per category. Is that spreadsheet link in the OP for this thread too? If not, it should be.
  6. I believe you are refering to something I posted a few pages back, I'll try to explain the problem I had re Part Time Schedules. If you have a full time schedule for a CB that you'd like to 'downsize' for a player on a part time contract you have to decide what proportion of the training must be given up to get down to the available training time. For a youth or developing CB player we know that most of the time must go into his Strength and Aerobic training with the remainder into his defending, ball control, tactics etc. If we start with the BaseLine schedule, with 1 'Focus' on each traini
  7. Well I've been using modified versions of SFraser's original schedules for some weeks now for my Semi-Pro team. I originally just allowed a few less clicks per category but it doesnt translate very well given the different hours available for part time training. For example reducing a full time CB schedule to part time leaves you will rather lot of Strength & Aerobic training and almost nothing on Defending. The balance isn't just 50% of FT, at least I dont think it works well. But I think the idea of this thread is to encourage the players to contribute schedules that work well and have b
  8. I'd like to say a BIG thankyou for putting that spreadsheet together, it's very useful guys. I know this is still a project in development so if I may add a little feedback I think it could be even better.... Could you add the necessary options to include part-time schedules, us lower league managers can experiment with this tool and maybe post some good PT schedules. Would it be possible to allow users to enter a new position name in the left-hand dropdownbox so that people can possibly save their own custom types without changing the original set. For example someone may want something a l
  9. I thought this particular theory had been debunked some time ago, or am I mistaken?
  10. Do we know for certain that the 'experience' points gained from competitive matches are distributed evenly prior to training affecting the allocation? I have no idea, I'm just asking. Could it not be that a Fullback (for example) would have CA points distributed more heavily to the attributes he uses in match (tackling, dribbling, stamina etc) rather than attributes he is not using but is training in? So if I was training him like a striker (for some crazy reason) but was playing him as a Fullback in matches, would I still see most improvement in the typical 'Fullback' attributes and not much
  11. I thought I should mention one observation I noticed in my last save (10.2) using these training scedules with a lower league team. Roughly 2/3 my team were on P/T contracts and schedules (I created these based on the full time ones but scaled down for the available hours) but the problem I noticed affected the Full Time players too. These demanding schedules meant that over half my team were 'unhappy with high workload' or 'unhappy with high level of fitness training'. Morale was not a problem as we had an excellent season and only lost about 5 games, finishing 1st in the BSN league. We di
  12. I've created some PT schedules that try to mimic SFraser's FT schedules, but the number of clicks per catagory didnt seem to pan out with the hours they have for training. So what I did was use the same proportion of effort in each catagory rather than the same number of clicks if that makes any sense? If you can picture the bar chart of training for one of SFrasers FT First Choice CB's (for example) and then scale it down to a Part Time schedule, it doesn't have 50% of the number of clicks, but the pattern of the bar chart looks the same. They are all still Heavy or Very Heavy in terms of int
  13. Lots of useful info there, thanks SFraser. I've been using individual training plans for each player so that I could avoid the 'unhappy with the high training workload' complaint (especially with the youth team) and also customize the intensity depending on what the player needs most urgently. This may sound like a lot of work but it's not really any worse than creating 3 or 4 versions of each playing position (as i used to do in FM2008 days). But I may give your approach a go as it makes a lot of sense and agrees with some changes I have observed with players that the 'maintain line' method
  14. I have a few 'stupid' questions if someone could enlighten me.... 1: Is it possible to assign my assistant manager to manage the team for a match and also view the match (see what tactics he uses, team talks, substitutions etc)? I always manage and watch the full match with my 1st team but let my assistant look after Reserve and U19 squads. It would be nice to see how he manages a match compared to my own preferences. 2: I'm pretty sure this is me being dense but, in the Job Centre screen how can I advertise a vacancy? For example I want a new coach or scout but abiding by the LLM guidelines
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