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How to Improve the scouting in FM!?

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Something that has bugged me alot on FM saves. I always tend to go and watch players of mine who are on loan, agreed to move in next transfer window are just matches that have an importance to me in general. Although what annoys me if a players who is not on my scouting network puts in a classy game and gets a high rating, I like to find out more about him, but chances are I get no reports on him!

An example of this is I went to watch Mame Biram Diouf play a game for Molde, before he joins my team in January and I noticed a player who got a 8.2 and put in great passes, tackles and seemed to dictate play. Curious I then looked at the players stats and added him to my shortlist, to watch over him. Unfortunately though, I couldn't see his stats until I scouted him, despite the fact I just spent 90 mins watching a match which the player bossed. I find it very hard to believe that even in my first 6 months as manager I won't get to identify some of the players attributes!

Having the ability to scout players yourself would be a great addition and would open the possibilty of discovering unknowns by accident. In real life, SAF actually discovered Ben Foster by complete accident, as he was in attendence to watch a JPT final (IIRC) that his son Darren was playing in (again IIRC) and took note of Fosters great performance! Ferguson then had to scout Ben much more before deciding to sign him, but atleast he had a good idea of his strengths.

Even if we could see some details after watching a player and then being able to determine from that match if he's worth scouting!

Feedback and opinions

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