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  1. Have to say it's Find it so disappointing to see that despite the vocal opinions being displayed here, only one topic exists in the Beta match engine bug forum thus far.... I've posted my 2 cents over there and will follow it up with some PKM's and some data later, would be great if this leads to a tweak before the final patch is made public.
  2. I love the new Training Module in FM19. However, I think an improvement could be made to the Match practice slot. Similar to the pre-season friendly against reserves when taking over a club. Allow this to be a slot to actually experiment with the match engine. Let me take over and review this match. This could be highly beneficial if I want to try something new to counter the opposition. I can set my team up and see how well this works on the field. Similar, I know my team struggle against a certain formation. I can set up a match practice to play against this formation.
  3. I had considered changing the Right back to attack, but I only want Darmian to push forward when relatively risk free which he is doing. The way I view my play is Mata can be penetrative from the right in a deeper position but via diagonal or sideway balls and this is happening....I'm wondering if my prob In regards to the regista, I had considered changing Carrick to a HB to help the defence, but teams aren't creating much chances against me...and my full backs are getting forward, perhaps I will try this and this will help my team not being so deep. I think the key to solving my problem
  4. Hi Cleon, been a big fan of your work for a number of years. First time I've ever felt obliged to post in one of your threads however. This year I'm struggling with trying to build a possession tactic, I have certain elements of it working the way I want, but certain other elements are just not clicking. Here's how I currently line up with Man Utd. -----------------------------------De Gea (GK-D)---------------------------------- Darmian (FB-S)-----Smalling (CB-D)------Blind (BPD-D)---------Shaw (WB-A) ---------------------------------------Carrick (RGA-S)----------------------------- M
  5. Apologies, I felt a bit dismissed because of the Tactics being the issue spiel. My post wasn't to do with tactics just to do with my team crushing the opposition with them offering little to no threat which is killing the game a little. I've also tried switching to contain with no shouts and I'm still overpowering them. Will provide some games later if this helps. Also my other note of the bizzare scorelines such as N/Castle in poor form with injuries beating a full team Chelsea in good form 5-0!! Of course a resilient side could beat a giant team 1 or 2-0 but a 5-0 drubbing is a bit of a
  6. I'm sorry, was my post not feedback related? I didn't say I was unhappy with my tactics? Despite it not working the way it should. I'm still battering opponents with 20-30 shots per match compared to opponents 2-3. No matter who I play, Chelsea, Stoke, Burnley, Arsenal. If I play against a team who would either control, attack, counter or contain. The shots are still heavily in my favour. I listed my tactics to show that my players weren't overloaded with attacking mentalities / roles. Also, what about the point about player complaining about first team football. Is this a feedback t
  7. I'm sorta seeing ME issues also. I'm trying to play a control ball retention strategy and but I'm losing possession battle by about 10-15% each game. However in this, I'm still having difficulties with overpowering my opposition. I'm in work so don't have my game details to hand but of the top of my head I'm having my opponent beat me in the possession battle by above figures, however with all this possession my opponents are usually going through a game with about 4-5 shots and lucky if one of them is on target and I'm having 30-40 Shots and a good percentage of these are on target. I'm on
  8. I'm noticing the players complaining bug a lot also. 4 games into the season, Ander Herrera had played 3 and sat on the bench for one, he complains about gametime. I ignore but play him next one, others in the squad complain because I gave into his demands. (I didn't, I always intended to play him in the next match) Now 7 games in, Ander has played 5 and came on as a sub in one. He's complaining again. I also decided to talk to him, but got no options of telling him "to get on with things and let me worry about picking the team", now a key player of mine who I'd expect to play 30 odd g
  9. If you read the last page at last you would see some people are tryng too Or at least offering short term fixes which may offer some limited success
  10. Where they playing first team or reserve or u18 games? My main problem is I rely on training and games at these levels to develop my players. I can't pick a 17 year old with 7 for passing to play any part in my league. Not when I have a player who is at 21 and still has room to develop but is currently able to hold his own in a first team game
  11. Hey Thus far, I havnt really experimented with training focus as it would interfere with my current experiments. I'm pretty sure it's somethng that constantly requires monitoring. It also might be useful to know a few things about attribute development. After all a player at 31 isn't going to improve his stamina or natural fitness much now is he? So pretty much a waste of time asking him to focus on this? Although it may well be that if he focuses on this, it might slow down the decay for older players!
  12. What as the success like with the youth? At Man Utd, I had no enjoyment with the schedules. I had considered doing my testing with 0% Match Prep but that's not going to be a realistic way of playing the game. I'll probably keep it at 20% (the testing has been done at 20%) during an actual game. I will obviously adjust it depending on the situation, big/must win game or if my team suffers a loss of form, match prep will be much more important!!
  13. I have done about 16 months and there's been no solid improvment using the spreadsheet tactics. I then retweaked them and done another 16 months and whilst the improvement was better, it wasn't at the level that FM10 enjoyed. That's the reason, I'm testing my own techniques. I'm getting mixed reviews using the guidelines that SFraser took, but not so much with the schedules.
  14. From what I've seen players unhappy with training will not train as well. If you have a chat with them, tell them that thier training level is unacceptable, they will begin to train much better and thier concern changes to happy. Seems, man management is now a key factor in training. Ham, I see what you are saying, and I would agree with you on priciniple. From what I can see, FM dosn't work like that. I've experimented with that thoery before and never recieved success, these schedules which I used in FM10 have given me the most success I can recall from FM. I might actually experiment
  15. Using that spreadsheet is not offering any long term development, I used it straight away on the demo (using the CB developing, 1st team and Veteran schedules) to test, it offers a few green arrows at the first 2 months (in the training progress, no real visual improvement to atts) The template that was drawn up is a useful guide, and shows you what was being done in FM10 but it isn't going to work on a long term basis. The removal of Set Pieces and also I think Training Workload is much more easiy to reach heavy from medium has altered the training system quite a bit, it may not be a drast
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