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FM 2010 : Defensive errors festival !

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If you want that game playable again, You MUST fix those defensive errors fest that are in the game ! I'm fed up of losing because of loads of defensive errors : but what a surprise it often is the AI who profits of the situation ! The defensive line is a joke and my defenders rarely do their work ! On a few match, I've counted 9 goals in favor of the AI because of errors and ONLY 2 for me ! That game is a joke. I can make all the tactic of earth, nothing works ! And also Cut the amount of AI CHEATS ! FFS ! What it's great seeing the AI helping himself getting wins ! NOT !

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Just threw a win away thanks to a defensive error.

Clichy volleyed the ball back to Almunia, it was going out for a corner, but Almunia decided to try and diving header it to keep it in, and it went straight to Rooney who tapped in with an open goal.

The realism is staggering... not.

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Actually they probabily suffer less because they are less prone to tactical errors than a human manager. That is what I think anyway. I also read that the AI plays a lot more defensive, so there might quite possibly be less scoring chances against them (on average on the course of a season.)

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