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  1. When three teams finish level on points, the positions will be decided by results between all three teams. The results against the bottom team won't count towards this. If you were to draw up a mini league using just the results between yourself, Bayern and Zenit, you will probably see that you are bottom, hence your elimination
  2. Bongo-Bongo

    Babacar - Work Permit

    Is he laying reguarly for his national side? If he is, offer him a new contract and he should get a permit.
  3. '09 was by far the most bugged out of box, or at least severley bugged imo. '08 wasn't much better though. When it comes to patches though, I am finding 11.2 to be one of the worst versions yet.
  4. Bongo-Bongo

    This would never happen!!!

    Luis Figo? The other way round but it's the same situation.
  5. Bongo-Bongo

    This would never happen!!!

    And in this case, Ronaldo wants to leave Madrid. And he would have been offered to every club, not just Barca.
  6. Bongo-Bongo

    This would never happen!!!

    The fees unrealistic but plenty of players have switched from Barca to Real and vice versa.
  7. Bongo-Bongo


    Sadly, patches are part and partial of gaming now. You'll struggle to find a game that isn't in need of a patch on release. Fallout New Vegas, Civilization 5, Modern Warfare 2, Red Dead, Black Ops, FIFA 11, all were riddled with bugs on release. You could equally blame the consumer. Had we not had continued to buy games until bugs were ironed out, publishers would be more reluctant to get the games on the shelves until all major bugs are ironed out. The reality is though that with the gaming market being so competitive and strong now, developers are under more pressure from the publishers to get the game out to a strict deadline, and as a result, not everything can be fixed for those deadlines.
  8. Bongo-Bongo


    The patch was done in a week. A change like this is going to take a lot more extensive testing to make sure it works and doesn't introduce further problems. It wasn't ignored, time just probably didn't make it feasible for this patch.
  9. The customies views are working fine except for on the scouting screen. I've added the report age to the view so I can identify the newest reports, but when I click on the player and then go back, the view resets which gets a little frustrating when there are several new reports to look through.
  10. Bongo-Bongo

    Own Goals.

    I've seen more own goals then I would expect but not to that extreme. And almost all of them seem to come as a result of a cross.
  11. Bongo-Bongo

    The worst match engine yet!?

    Personally, I think this is the best match engine yet. It's not perfect. The number of yellow cards from strict refs could do with toning down a bit and defending from crosses and set pieces is pretty awful, but overall, I'm happy with how much the match engine has improved from 10.3.
  12. Well, for one thing, League One, League Two are the third and fourth tier of the system. And with 24 teams in each division, thats still a lot of support. The WPS is the highest level of womens football in the US where football enjoys higher popularity then it does in much of the world and it is still only drawing attendances that are similar to the smallest League One sides and about half the league two sides. And with the looks of it, there are only seven sides. Really, thats just reitterating the point that there just isn't the interest in the womens game to make it a financially viable option for SI to include in the current game or as a standalone product.
  13. Even in the countries where the womens game is higher in popularity then it is in the UK, it is still way below the popularity of the mens game and ais a minor sport still in most. And whats more, the core market of FM is the UK. The England v Switzerland play off wasn't held at Wembley, Old Trafford or Anfield. It was held in Shrewsbury. People in the UK generally don't care for the womens game so why would SI risk making a funding either a stand alone game, or development towards a feature for the main game when people in the core market just don't care? Further still, if SI are only having moderate to limited success in nations where the womens game is more popular then it is in the UK with a product that contains some of the biggest names in sport such as Messi, Ronaldo and Torres, then adding the womens game isn't going to change that. You also seem to assume that just because it is womens football that women are going to want to buy it. I can guarantee that for the most part, that wouldn't be the case.
  14. I've not played that much so far, but my initial impressions are as follows: The Good - The match engine is even better then FM10's. And feels more like watching a real football match then ever. There are still some weaknesses, like players going in two footed on another player when the ball is high in the air and players do still seem a bit too willing to shoot from distance when there are better options but all in all, it's a definite improvement on last years ME. The new animations and improved outside stadiums graphics also help add to the feel. - I like the idea of the new Match Preperation feature and am pleased we can get our team to practice three different formations. - The criteria for squad registration is explaind much better then in previous versions. - Real time negotiations are much better and more realistic then the old method of offering a contract and waiting to see what would happen next. - Two seperate training areas for goalies makes it easier to target the attributes that you feel are in need of improving. - Having both news section combined again is better. - I like the fact that the side of of field the central players play in is shown, eg, D CR, D CL. The Bad - The widgets in TV view need to be more transparent or at least re-sizeable. They take up a large section of the screen and block a lot of what's going on. - When trying to assign training schedules in the Schedules section of Training, it becomes frustrating that the list of players scrolls back to the top after assigning a schedule. - Player/Board conversations are too basic and feel broken. When requesting a feeder club, the board blocked my request for a financial link. I went straight back in, used the same options and the request was accepted. They shouldn't change their mind within five seconds like that. - The bottom of the screen in the news section is wasted by having the inbox on the left and the article top middle. It did look better before. - In the match analysis screen, the player discs are too small making it hard to tell which player is which when looking at the entire team. - The home page has far too little info present. We should be able to get rid of the inbox if we choose and adjust the size of boxes so we can fit more/less if we wish. I don't even see the need for the inbox on this screen. - I don't see the need for the change in the way the line-up is displayed in the squad screen, IE, D R, D CR, D CL, DL. And there is inconsistency in how this is displayed as it still appears in the old method of DR, DL, D CR, D CL in the Oppositional Instructions screen. This is a moot point though and of no real importance. The Ugly - The new skin is horrible. Hopefully the skin released with the patch will be better. All in all, I'm really enjoying the demo so far and feel this is going to become my favourite FM yet, but there are some niggling issues that can't be ignored.
  15. Bongo-Bongo


    He's in his own half so he's on side.