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  1. Stats, Legends, Comparisons

    He said Inzaghi and Sheva aren't playing in Europe any more, not Ruud. I'd like to have this in the game. A little news story about how your star striker has just broken the European record would be neat, imo.
  2. Italian teams overrated?

    I hate managing in Serie A. The league is ridiculously tight. Teams just constantly bang 30 yarders in. That guy "Pellissier" or something like that, his long shot attribute is nothing special but if he gets the ball 50 yards out it will almost certainly result in a goal. Oh, and Inter Milan are unstoppable. Milito shoots, Milito scores. Eto'o shoots, Eto'o scores. Sneijder gets a free-kick 70 yards out, Sneijder scores.
  3. New Stadium

    It's FM... the referee's are fair and there's no Tony Mowbray in charge. Unless you're being sarcastic about the fact that it isn't that hard to win it with Celtic...?
  4. in form strikers

    Robbie Keane.
  5. Celtic. It started off terribly. I, like Tony Mowbray, tried to play amazing, all out attacking football, and failed. I then brought in hard, solid midfielders and have started to climb the table and grind out results. Enjoying it.
  6. Whats up with Barcelona?

    True, but he needed to be snide, so...
  7. alan shearer

    Birmingham on mine.
  8. FM 2010 : Defensive errors festival !

    Just threw a win away thanks to a defensive error. Clichy volleyed the ball back to Almunia, it was going out for a corner, but Almunia decided to try and diving header it to keep it in, and it went straight to Rooney who tapped in with an open goal. The realism is staggering... not.
  9. Man City

    My unbeaten team who's been dominating the league just got annihilated from them... shocker.
  10. England obviously... yawn.
  11. Does this delete the patch? I downloaded it, but now I want to start a new game without using this database, just the default one, but I'm getting trouble... it's telling me it'll be 10.0.0... shouldn't it be 10.1.0?
  12. I like the sound of that. It'd be like mind games. Also, LOL at the little spat on the first page.
  13. Appearance fee?

    Play him, if you win you'll get a lot of money which could go towards the money owed to Arsenal. You're more likely to win with him than without him.
  14. No way Modric or GDS weigh more than Huddlestone IRL. Especially Dos Santos, that's almost a stone heavier!
  15. Best Team I've Ever Had

    In 09, aren't WBA already in the EPL so how could you have gotten promoted in your first year?