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  1. Haha.. very close call media prediction 14.. winning the league duo to better GD I used GHOSTFIRE 4231 narrow MM.. good tactic.
  2. Not true.. they do work with other teams as well.. im using a BEOWULF-based tweaked version, i have just changed some roles and minor stuff.. This is how my tweaked beowulf looks like..
  3. Yup you are absolutely right.. haha.. my bad.. im going to change it and see how it goes.. will get back with results later today.. im at work right now
  4. 442 Beowulf with Positive mentality and Box-to-box midfielder MM DMC.. Too bad i lost the champions league final
  5. Media prediction 9, no signings.. used BEOWULF 442 with the Box to box midfielder MM.. i changed the width to fairly wide instead of wide also the passing for DL/DR/MR/ML/Box to box midfielder/Left AF to direct. Instant result..
  6. Actually it's not true.. they do work with small teams.. i had huge success with smaller ones too.. you cant just plug n play, its more to it than that.. The tactics don't need players with 15-17 acceleration, pace and fitness.. for example i played a season with Perugia, won almost everything.. my players did not have the kind of attributes you are describing.. but i did manage my games thru shouts and sometimes even OI's & Man marking... media prediction 7th I used the offensive Tea For One 433.. its extremly good tactics when you take your time to play the game, watching the matches and make changes depending on the situations you are up against... So it's not just for top teams.
  7. I just tried Fire&Water with Arsenal.. using shouts & even man marking when facing good sides.. The tactic is just insane if you got the right players for it.. excellent job @knap 137(!!!!) goals.. my personal record for playing FM2020. The only defeat i faced was against Wolverhampton away. I got "fm'ed" i guess.. I also won the FA-cup and EURO-cup.. The FA-cup final was a walk in the park against Liverpool ..and so was the EURO-cup final against Sevilla... Now.. for the shouts.. I normally start the matches normal (without shouts or man marking).. if i feel they are putting on too much pressure or that my team cant seem to create anything i usually go with "Demand more" och "Show some passion".. it depends alot on the situations so its hard just to write and explain how i do it.. but you get the point.. If im still not able do play better i let them know in half-time.. and continues with Demand more.. If im actually playing good i go for "Praise", but just in the second half, not too early tho... Sometimes i have tried the "No pressure" also.. you can see the reaction-screen and try so say what you think is the best to get them to be fired up.. its a trial and error i guess.. it works really good when you get the hang of it... For the man-marking i usually start the games without any man-marking.. but if i see certain offensive players getting way to many chances (i.e attacking midfielders/AMR/AML) i go in to settings and try to man mark them.. also this is hard to know if its going to work.. since you got to have good players also, its not just the plug n play.. One good tip is to actually read the analysis when the match is playing.. there you can create and learn some ideas on what you need to change or maybe have a look at.. When it comes to team talks i have been testing a couple of saves with the AM taking the talks pre match and i my self do them at HT, because when i watch the matches i can make my own oppinion on what to say.. if they are playing like crap, i let them know... because if you let the AM take the HT-talks he's usually praising or saying "do it for the fans", not an ideal idea.. Tactic i used here is the Fire&Water 4.1.0, no changes to the tactic what so ever.. 35499664_!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL24312P101EC.fmf Sorry for my bad english.. once again @knap.. good work on the tactics and info you provide..
  8. Can some one please give me a link to the latest Fire&Water? edit: found it.. going for a spin with Stuttgart..
  9. Its knaps tactic, just made some changes.. and remember, i have used shouts also.. not just plug and play.. but good luck 442 BEOWULF-MALTE-TWEAK.fmf
  10. Wow.. i got so tired of getting all the random results using IR so i decided to actually play the game. I read the shout-guide and got some ideas that i tried, worked out really good.. The shouts really do have a great effect on the game if you use them right... As you can see the league went pretty easy without defeats.. if i had used IR, im pretty sure that it wouldn't have been that good.. The biggest suprise for me was that i actually won the french cup, beating Marseille in the finals.. ...And qualify for the eurocup... Pretty sick imo... As im a big fan of 442's, i used Knaps decent BEOWULF, with minor tweaks... and i recommend you to take your time and read about shouts, it really helps... Thank you so much for your wonderful tactic Knap
  11. Sick defense although im a quite good team Playing arround with your 442 BEOWULF, love it
  12. I have been using BEOWULF 442 with Everton with great success.. the only minor things i changed was the defensive line to higher, instead of much higher. Crosses to mixed instead of low. And i also turned of the wingbacks 'Dribble often'.. Table: Some fixtures.. Chances created... And i also won the cups... If you don't wan't to make the tweaks your self you can go ahead and download this version here: 442 BEOWULF DL-MIXED-TWEAK.fmf I used Instant Results with the AM making the teamtalks. Best regards.
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