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  1. FM20WULF442PFPWMKnapP110ECCCFM20P102ECCC Media pred: 16th. I'm very happy with the result, especially considering my team counts only 22 players total. Injuries and overall tiredness was not easy to manage. Now it's time for playoffs :).
  2. https://www.mediafire.com/file/5pwdx3wfu721s4g/fmc.rar/file Fixed version with background fix from @bluestillidie00. Also I changed match screen panels for better than default.
  3. Hey mate, Skin lovely as usual. Last year you released version for FMT, I hope you will do it this year again sooner or later :).
  4. this one from an attachment. !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSS.fmf
  5. it's my first season in Ligue 1 after straight promotion in previous season. i think results speaks for themselves, there is nothing to add in words. simply best available tactic on the market :). great job master Knap, as always.
  6. Hey guys, anyone knows how to fix this dark blue color of font to white or something, so it could be actually visible? Cheers!
  7. Hey guys. Which tactic is the best and the most recent one? 442 universal? cos it's so many of em in OP that i'm a bit confused.
  8. There is a sentence: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. " And that sentence sums up your reply in this thread. Edit: about the topic itself - i think it's a very good idea, to give Knap subfolder for all of his tactics, that would keep forum nice and tidy.
  9. okay, that game was with some very very small reputation team, but even if so... i never ever had result like this before, honestly . attacking version.
  10. and again, a-maz-ing tactic! thank u very much for it . 1st season in Championship - 14th/predicted 24th TABLE 2nd season in Championship -1st/predicted 20th TABLE MEDIA PRED worth to add, that all those achievements are only thanks to free transfers and loans, eventually some small amount of money transfers, cos so far my the biggest transfer budget ever was.. wait for it.. 2mln of pounds. only instant result, just one game - last of the season - i did normally, cos i needed to win it to grab straight promotion or even champion. it worked, cos my WBL grabbed red card, so i did proper changes and i won 1-3, Lvpool lost, so i won the whole league . Premier League and big money to spend - WELCOME .
  11. cheers mate. am using control version, cos my team is defo the underdogs. it's working flawlessly . attacking one i'll try maybe in the future, when i'll be settled in Premier League for a few years.
  12. i think it's the best tactic i tried so far . straight promotion after promotion.
  13. Sorry, i forgot to mention it - 14.3.1 ofcourse. Latest patch.
  14. I don't like full game version, because lack of time. I played before in FMC mode without any crashes. I reach even the 2030 year or later - without any crashes. And now, in new save, I can't play normally. I need to save game all the time to not replaying things after crashes over and over again.
  15. Hi guys, I tried everything, cleared cache, deleted preferences files, deleted all my graphics folder - logos, faces everything, i verificated thousand times files in steam, changed GPU rendering.. And i still get crashes, randomly, but usually it happens when i start match, sometimes in a half time, sometimes just after game and sometimes even while processing. I'm tired of trying to fix this by myself, because nothing works, so i am writing here and i ask for your help guys. Just tell me what u need, save game, crash dump file? i'm playing FMC mode with scottish Montrose.
  16. first thing - Steaton, thanks for ur tactic, in my opinion it's the best 14.3 tactic i've tried so have far and trust me - i tried a lot . second thing is my results with this, very very satisfying results. am playing WUHAN, it's a team from Second China League. media prediction - 6th now results: i lost just 3 games and only one of them was tough, this 0-3, but with similar stats anyway. game with A'erbin was for me like some team from Serie B playing with some top team from Serie A, and we played in 10 after sent off in 45 minute, so generally 3-6 is not so bad result i think . now table, look on goals for: now stats: 1st in scorers. 1st and 2nd in assists. 1st in MOTM. 1st, 2nd and 3rd in average ratings. and now look on stats of my MVP - AMC: 20apperances/15goals/16assists - flawless! and stats of top scorer: as u can see, attributes of my players are.. well.. not so good, but they playing like global top players . AMAZING tactic. GREAT job Steaton! by the way am trying to make some edit to this tactic, just to hold a good result to the end of the game. if i'll find smth i'll let u know. and sorry for my english, it's not perfect, am from Poland, but i hope u can understand everything .
  17. we can complain, we can complain even a lot if we want to m8, cos we all are customers and we give them our cash to play in it.
  18. u should fix those AMAZING chases from AI's players. it's my next game, when after leading through all match they killing my hopes in 90 minute. http://i.imgur.com/jmaD9px.jpg wtf?! how many times smth like this in season? i know that sometimes Champions League Final '99 syndrome can happen, but it's too often guys. c'mooon! it's worth to add, that it's no difference if i set my players to counter or full defend, if AI wants to score, they will score. am up to start to wondering if u don't put to game some formulas, that this and this team should not to lose with this and this opponent.
  19. zippy always working for me, thx m8!
  20. i want to thank u too guys. plenty of time because of Christmas. and what? and 14.2 is unplayable.
  21. me the same, can u or somebody upload it once again or on some different site?
  22. @up into Skins m8 . Very nice panels btw, but i've one question. Where can I change height of 'loan and transfer status'? (marked on screenshot http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/5858/67gs.png) ? Because, as u can see, in my language it's too narrow.
  23. from screen's and grades at fmkorea - should be good, but i can't tell you, didn't try this yet. maybe someone put some screens from it and we will see if it's good or not .
  24. http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/43254178/file.html you're welcome .
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