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  1. @Vakzin_QPR Found small issue mate. Here is the original FMT skin on schedule page: And here is screenshot from your skin on the same schedule page, as you can see there is no option to cancel friendly game, for example, because the panel on the right side is missing:
  2. Seems like developers changed something in that regard in compare to previous years. Shame, it was so useful option for searching players to Nations.. There is still option to search through 'partly - chosen nation' but it's not working exactly the same. I'll check later with original skin, but if it's not there - well, it's not there. As of ę - yeah. You're kinda correct there mate.
  3. No, no, it's not about "add condition", it's those additional options "exclude" in right bottom corner of "edit search". As I remember from all previous editions of FM it was always an option "players not suitable for national team" or something similar. Here's the screenshot with only two options to exclude, nothing about National Team tho: If you know how to pronounce "Paweł Wszołek" then now you can practice on "Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz" who was born in "Chrząszczyrzewoszyce" district "Łękołody" ;). Here is the fragment of our famous Polish comedy movie about Brz
  4. @Vakzin_QPR as far as I know that option needs to be unlocked by playing the game, sort of achievement reward. Eventually can be bought from Store inside the game. Then it shows like this while starting new game: Shop screenshot:
  5. Also, @Vakzin_QPR, not really sure if you can consider it as a bug, but just to let you know: When I was just a Club manager I've seen that you changed look of General Info view. General info view changes to default look when managing both National Team and Club. Also, while searching for players I don't have options to search only for players who can play in my National team, that option is completely gone. Not sure tho if it's the fault of the skin.
  6. yeah, works like a charm. thanks mate, didn't check "player overview popup selector panel" and that was my mistake ;).
  7. @Vakzin_QPR Mate, I will need your advice... Tried to change things myself, but stuck on very stupid thing for a while now and nothing am trying seems to work. I was tweaking player overview popup panel, and managed to make it more or loss as I want, but one thing bothering me: I circled it on the screen, how the heck I can move this panels a bit down, to stop text to covering itself. Tried all verticals, offsets and so on, but nothing does the job at that particular place, stupid me :). Any help?
  8. this is fantastic, thank you so much. and also, thanks for all your explanations - this way I can actually maybe learn something to figure out things myself for the next time. much appreciated!
  9. damn, that was quick, thank you so much, it's perfect now !
  10. @Vakzin_QPR great job mate. one question, is it possible to have two containers arranged like on the picture? i've got there plenty of space to do that. was trying myself, but couldn't make it work. ta. also if it would be possible to put attributes analyser above the position on the pitch on the left bottom? just between the player personal details and position on the pitch.
  11. damn boy, winning league with Sheffield Utd in first season? hats off sir. HATS OFF.
  12. Mate, take your time. You doing a fantastic job here!
  13. FM20.3.0TeaforOne4321OXP103 I was actually fighting against Sunderland in Playoffs :o .. I lost, but this is legendary achievement anyway.
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