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  1. agree,but they test in SI office with time limited. At least we see all the 10 preset tactic.
  2. yes,i need more test on this. i need a wingback do all "overlap + underlap",& do all with ball run,or with out ball run forward,in wide lane & narrow lane. i want CWB to do all the job,that is what gary neville or patrice evra do. but loot like FM18 ME limited,i can't or hard get a setting to let them do all that
  3. you need a fullback role to do both overlap & underlap,without tactical setting change. still need to see if we can do that in ME
  4. he just want to see the engine,& don't care who win.As ppl didn't have beta yet,& we want to see the ME. we can do what we what to do after we got the beta. for now,i just want to see how player run,how play defend in that tactic
  5. what i plan do test is try to create this tactic : i think only CWB can do that
  6. that only work for CWB or maybe IWB. Not Wb or FB
  7. My winger stay wide,CWB run with ball to the space between AI's CM & WM. its base on how AI marking you,its may only happen once in >100 game. In most of the match,he Overlap
  8. want to see will my fullback do this more in FM19
  9. CWB-Attack,he do both of the Underlap or Overlap base on where is the space
  10. you need tall man in TM role,i think the player should take more risk when crossing the ball.
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