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  1. you can do some test,with ball vs without ball. then choose the better one
  2. in this case try let your ST run to the wing with ball,this pull the CB to the wing & a runner in to the box to give some support.
  3. i play low block often,high structure + low pressing + mixed passing. low block football is good if AI play high pressing football.You can just wait for ball,& long ball counter attack.
  4. no time to play this few week. why not build a tactic base on this report / analysis : https://thetacticalanalyst.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/bayern-munich-a-mega-analysis/
  5. have you try MEZ + BBM ? with 2 W on the wing ?
  6. need to do more study on hold position or not.Need more test to understand that. but another issue is,how to do that ? LB push up up high,or some some push into AM's half-space position. & LCM fall back as fb
  7. just like this : more wider,or maximum. just stand far far far away from the team,wait there far far away. so i will pick hold position in TI. another thing is how to push your FB that high & narrow ?
  8. we got 3 part of the field,Defensive Third,midfield third,attacking third. from defensive Third to midfield third,RLW stay wider,don't move. after we got in to attacking third you can do every thing. but from the 1st pic & 4th pic,i will hoping "more wider for RW/LW". i think i want more than that,more wider,or maximum wide.
  9. for CM move to half-space,i still need deep study for that,but for now i try "move into channel" + "run wide with ball". So far so good,but still need do more test. maybe MEZ or BBM role. I use W-At role,& hold position in team instruction.
  10. CM is the key for the "expose the weak side" tactic.& Rw / LW not allow to move. push your CM to half-space or even sideline,& AI will marking him,they will follow him. then your winger wil be free on the other side. read the article with this henry video : https://thetacticalanalyst.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/bayern-munich-a-mega-analysis/ & you will learn :
  11. try study this. https://thetacticalanalyst.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/bayern-munich-a-mega-analysis/ i have some success with "expose the weak side" idea
  12. try read this : https://thetacticalanalyst.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/bayern-munich-a-mega-analysis/ attack the half-space area,then you will open the wing area.I tested some of the idea in that article. be brave,push your both CM to the half-space,even to the wing.its work great...
  13. i think you can upgrade your tactic. RW/LW (or IF),won't move when they are still in defend third to midfield third. RW/LW (or IF) not allow to move,just stay there do not thing. let midfield to the job. midfield move to one side to create side-overload. if blue cover the one side,then RED RW is free.
  14. a good guide,but just too much wording. i hope some ppl cut it out & remain all important point. cut it out from 100000 word to >500 word. & remain all all important point
  15. An overlapping run creating a 2v1 overload An underlapping run taking a defender out of the game