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  1. https://defendingwiththeball.wordpress.com/tag/pep-guardiola/ “Don’t mark a player; cover the space between two players. The opponent thinks he’s unmarked, making pressing easier.” Pep Guardiola’s mantras
  2. kpsia518

    Dynamic formations

    & positional play,we can't make it work. we didn't have a option to tell player "cover the space between two players".
  3. & another thing: https://spielverlagerung.com/2017/08/04/tactical-theory-the-various-methods-of-dismarking/ use the 3rd man...
  4. & one thing,don't let opponent camp the penalty box. pep :"anyone can go into the boxes,but no one should stay inside." how do we tell player to fall back when attack ? i think this is important for pep tactic,don't let opponent camp the penalty box. look at the video,after city enter the final third,but they got no room to attack.So they all fall back. fall back,so try to pull United player up,this make final third a no man land
  5. learning city's player positioning
  6. look at this,Silva run forward in between Shaw & lindelof. & Mahrez stay so wide,this is important. A.Young can't mark two player.
  7. kpsia518

    Pressing is broken since 19.1.0

    SI should make pressing in FM19. we should be able to do this :
  8. 1st,we much do some thing like this ,triangles. positioning is the key,attacking & defending. your defend is start when your attack.
  9. positioning is the key for positional play.Looks like player move too much in FM19. & player retreat too much when i don't what they do it. "Stick to positions" been remove in FM19. So it take more time to control player movement.
  10. kpsia518


    we got a bug in pressing for FM19. pressing in FM19 look like this : why don't we just make this 1974's tactic,& see how it done..
  11. pressing in FM19,look same like this,NETHERLANDS OF 1974 HUNTING FOR THE BALL :
  12. kpsia518

    Pressing is broken since 19.1.0

    i think the main problem is "positioning". this is how the pressing should work : https://faja1234.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/modern-defensive-systems/ not just rush to the ball.. 1) a pressing trap 2) no option to pass.
  13. pressing & cut the passing lane at same time... how do we make it in FM19 ?
  14. “Don’t mark a player, cover the space between two players.” – Pep Guardiola