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  1. kpsia518

    Defending the Wings

    yes,some thing like it. its hard to explain with out video. press but don't tackled,hold up the opponent with ball,the key is just watch but don't make the tackled. no tackle = no space. so when FB meet the AI winger,hold them up but don't make tackle
  2. i saw some good guide in this one.
  3. did you try a low block 442 ?
  4. i do it on rashford last night. He got PPM "Beat offside trap",& he still "sometime" go back to defend https://theresonlyoneball.com/2018/01/26/a-study-into-mentality-and-team-shape-on-football-manager-2018/
  5. as you see all AI team in video play high defensive line. & we know not all team attack that high in the league.So that mean maybe he just cut out the success counter part,from a few year's league game. if you set the tactic right you can do it do too. i do it once with Mata in United & Mata is not that fast
  6. i saw it on youtube ,just normal DLP + CM-Su can do the same job
  7. united play like this in fergie era.
  8. this two is crazy : https://www.fmnation.net/index.php?mid=tactics18&category=16834950&document_srl=28895560 https://www.fmnation.net/tactics18/28851838
  9. i think this tactic only good if AI use high block or medium block tactic. not for low bloc's AI
  10. let us guess,will be 1st person view in all gameplay for FM19 ? will we get 3D match ? with "real man match" ? real man 1st person view for all game play ?
  11. let us guess,1st person view in all gameplay for FM19 ? will we get 3D match ? real man 1st person view for all game play ?
  12. actually i try to learn how to make this happen in the game this is Fergie style,Overlap & underlap. I try to do it both in one setting. so i can do it if use CWB. & CWB still overlap even i told my winger to stay wide.
  13. so far i success to do it on CWB & IWB. can other fullback like FB & WB to it too ?