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  1. tested 1st game,ManUtd VS Arsenal,look like huge space to exploit at the back of WB left & right.
  2. i going to test this : http://www.thehighertempopress.com/2017/03/finding-mandzukic-brief-guide-wide-target-man/
  3. any idea with targetman-attacking role ? i still searching a way how to deploy TM-att. for example Lukaku,he best role is TM-Att. & very few tactic with WTM.
  4. Any chance of a 4231 or 442 with Targetman ? & very few tactic with WTM.
  5. Eugene Khacheridi,1st CD that i aways looking for. &,
  6. i'm study this too,read this Pressing and pressing triggers : https://strikerless.com/2017/11/10/cerberus-the-three-headed-beast/ there are three types of pressing by the area Attacking (high block + Attacking/Overload) Midfield (middle block + Counter/Normal/Control) Defensive (low block + Contain/Defensive) i still need to find a way to combine this with 3 set of tactic.
  7. Crosses issue

  8. Crosses issue

  9. any idea how to increase 3 vs 2 or 2 vs 1 scoring rate ? i mean, i got 3 forward (or winger),AI have 2 defender blocking my way, or i have 2 forward,AI 1 defender. i have the ball,& counter attacking fast running toward goal. Some time the forward player do too much passing on this situation,some time they dribbling too much. any idea on this ?
  10. My english is quite poor,i don't want to write a long paragraph. I just try to note my view. I not talking about building a tactic,i still have more thing to learn.So i keep everything simple. 1st thing we need to remember : There is a few step: 1) What happen on the pitch You need to know what happen,so watch the game at least in comprehensive highlight. 1st step,1st thing to learn,look at AI's defensive line. Its high or low ? In my view play against an attacking AI,is easier than a defensive AI. You need to know where is AI's CD standing,& where is AI's FB. 2) How to adjust the tactics,& why do this. You need to see a weakness in the AI and then make changes to exploit it. IF AI pushing their defensive line up high,like Liverpool or City. this is how i always do,attacking from deep : my defensive line is start with normal or low,play out of defend,standard or counter mentality & structured. I will use a poacher or AF upfront.Poacher or AF is great for this kind of situation. two CM should "Hold The Line",Hold position don't go forward.& direct passing for one of the CM. Wingers with attacking or support roles,use attacking role if AI's defensive line very very high,support role if medium high. don't closing down or marking to much,normally i just keep the default. & you will get some one on one chance. 3) Which kind of player should i use. one of the CM should be a great passer and good vision. ST should be quick & good finishing. winger should be quick,& good crossing. There is more than just look at defensive line if you play this way. But look at defensive line is 1st step. & play against a defensive AI,is harder to explain.So i just share the 1st step for now
  11. is "the blind side" in FM18 ? look like i feel its in FM18.
  12. Can Anyone Explain This ? not quite understand.
  13. my manutd tactic : CM & AP,should hold position. watch the game,on comprehensive highlights. don't care vs big team or weak team,bus parking when necessary. result so far : i think my defend is ok,quite good. i'm still learning how to use Lukaku.He is a TM. 14 match 9 goal from Lukaku.But i still not happy with how he play on the pitch