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  1. José Mourinho: Tactics, Inter 3 Barcelona 1 – Masterclass good tactic explain from mourinho
  2. Heynckes tactic should be high press + man to man marking,but pep is high press + passing lane blocking. so 1st thing i will change is high pressing. 2nd maybe 2 DM 4231,& not 2 CM 4231
  3. https://www.guidetofm.com/ i'm waiting this guys to complete the guide
  4. Jupp Heynckes,use man to man marking high pressing. wait for FM19.2 for that.
  5. just share what i think & hoping for the "imposible".
  6. yes i understand new manager induction was never going to be at the level that i looking for. i remember when 1st time FM19 video demo came out,many youtuber said :"new manager induction,this is what we hoping for,for newbie or veteran" i think they all hoping the same...
  7. New Manager Induction is a joke. what i'm expected is deep tactical teaching class. what i'm expected is "tactical master's degree" class. A tactical bible,that teach us all thing.All tactical Knowledge. but what we got is "just how to control the game". quite disappointed after i learn how New Manager Induction look like.
  8. 19.2.0 beta is release,i heard ppl said its "tiki-tika friendly" now. this is patch note for 19.2.0 beta (in chinese): http://www.playgm.cn/thread-920355-1-1.html
  9. pep tactic is not just tiki-taka.The hardest part is positional play. just like LVG,player stay there don't do this,don't do that,don't move too much... pep style is the same.,.
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