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  1. Covid19 in FM2021 ?? happy to see the message : " due to covid19, football have been ban for 8 month." then we click next next next, for 8 month. this is good experience
  2. José Mourinho: Tactics, Inter 3 Barcelona 1 – Masterclass good tactic explain from mourinho
  3. Heynckes tactic should be high press + man to man marking,but pep is high press + passing lane blocking. so 1st thing i will change is high pressing. 2nd maybe 2 DM 4231,& not 2 CM 4231
  4. https://www.guidetofm.com/ i'm waiting this guys to complete the guide
  5. Jupp Heynckes,use man to man marking high pressing. wait for FM19.2 for that.
  6. just share what i think & hoping for the "imposible".
  7. yes i understand new manager induction was never going to be at the level that i looking for. i remember when 1st time FM19 video demo came out,many youtuber said :"new manager induction,this is what we hoping for,for newbie or veteran" i think they all hoping the same...
  8. New Manager Induction is a joke. what i'm expected is deep tactical teaching class. what i'm expected is "tactical master's degree" class. A tactical bible,that teach us all thing.All tactical Knowledge. but what we got is "just how to control the game". quite disappointed after i learn how New Manager Induction look like.
  9. 19.2.0 beta is release,i heard ppl said its "tiki-tika friendly" now. this is patch note for 19.2.0 beta (in chinese): http://www.playgm.cn/thread-920355-1-1.html
  10. pep tactic is not just tiki-taka.The hardest part is positional play. just like LVG,player stay there don't do this,don't do that,don't move too much... pep style is the same.,.
  11. https://thefalsefullback.wordpress.com/2018/11/22/the-essence-of-possession/
  12. https://defendingwiththeball.wordpress.com/tag/pep-guardiola/ “Don’t mark a player; cover the space between two players. The opponent thinks he’s unmarked, making pressing easier.” Pep Guardiola’s mantras
  13. & positional play,we can't make it work. we didn't have a option to tell player "cover the space between two players".
  14. & another thing: https://spielverlagerung.com/2017/08/04/tactical-theory-the-various-methods-of-dismarking/ use the 3rd man...
  15. & one thing,don't let opponent camp the penalty box. pep :"anyone can go into the boxes,but no one should stay inside." how do we tell player to fall back when attack ? i think this is important for pep tactic,don't let opponent camp the penalty box. look at the video,after city enter the final third,but they got no room to attack.So they all fall back. fall back,so try to pull United player up,this make final third a no man land
  16. look at this,Silva run forward in between Shaw & lindelof. & Mahrez stay so wide,this is important. A.Young can't mark two player.
  17. 1st,we much do some thing like this ,triangles. positioning is the key,attacking & defending. your defend is start when your attack.
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