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  1. Hello ! I uploaded 2 files. My first save (where u can see there wasn't any problem) and the second one I just started again to test (and the problem is still here). My saves names are PAOK.fm and PAOK2.fm Thanks
  2. Hello, I just started a new game (the first I created since the last update) and a lot of real players are missing. I selected "large" database with 7 leagues in 6 countries (England, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain). Even players from big leagues like Belgium or Austria are not showing up. Here are some pics to show you the problem. Before the update, I didn't have this problem and I could get the real players even from Latvian clubs. I specify : I never selected whole Europe in the settings when I start my career. It looks like theres no difference between small and large database anymore and it's a real deception. Thanks for your answer.
  3. Here it is : For years, all french users have been used to see "Tête" just between Technique and Tirs de loin. That's very disturbing. Hope theres something you can do. Thanks !
  4. Thanks for the answer. I see your point but is there a way to get back to the previous term ?
  5. Hello. I'd like to know why "heading" attribute changed from "Tête" (what is the correct translation) to "Jeu de tête" (that is less used) since the last update. That's also very disturbing because it changes the attributes spots in the column. Is there a way to get back to the previous one ? Here is 2 pics to show the problem. Thanks !
  6. Thank you VERY much mate ! Can we disable auto-suggestion in ur skin ?
  7. Thanks for the reply Freddie. Yes, it occurs with any skin I'm using. Is there any way to disable the instant search/auto suggestion ? That would really save me ! Thanks
  8. Do you know if there's any way to disable instant search/auto suggestion ? It really makes the editor lag...
  9. Hello, The instant search makes really lag the editor and even make my CPU using 100. It's almost impossible to make a proper search, especially if u mispell a name. Does anybody know if there's a way to disable it ? Thanks ! Desktop 2019.11.22 -
  10. Hello, I'm experiencing a very annoying problem. The instant search in the pre-game editor make it run really slow, especially when u mispell it or have the misfortune to do a typo. Here is a vid to show the problem. Is there a way to disable it ? Thank you Desktop 2019.11.22 -
  11. Hello Freddie. I made a quick video here to show the issue. Thanks Desktop 2019.11.20 -
  12. I get the same as @RobinUtrecht : almost all visions can't be edited. That is really annoying
  13. I really hope SI will do something. That's a massive issue especially because clubs visions are totally unrealistic and really need editing.
  14. I tried to edit the background color and it works ! Do you know how to change the font color ? Because now it's white and it would be great to change it to black so we can be back to FM19 skin. Thank you !
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