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  1. Hello Andrew ! Thank you but unfortunately, that's an old save already and I'm already in 2035...
  2. Hello, I just wanted to tell the staff that the last 2 patches didn't corrected the problem.
  3. Hello, I noticed that big club you didn't add in your playable championships will never hire a new manager when this one is leaving unlike in FM18. Is it a known issue ? Thanks !
  4. Hello, is it still under review ? It hasn't been corrected in the last update
  5. Thank you very much @actic ! Great job !
  6. Hello, I noticed that regens faces are totally unrealistic. Is it a known issue ? Because almost ALL regens look like hispanic. Worst are asian ones. Thank you.
  7. Does someone knows if it's possible to put back FM 18 regens faces in FM 19 ? They didn't look great, but AT LEAST, that was realistic. Now I'm getting Korean regens who looks like Hispanics. Truly a shame.
  8. I have the same problem too. Looks totally unrealistic.
  9. Hello ! Here is my problem : I tried to change some regens last names. Unfortunately, that changed ALL people who have the same name as him. What can I do ? Thanks !
  10. Hello, I can't attend another team game when I click on calendar. I tried many times, all the games in the calendar and nothing works. And I also note that days before or after game are not showing either (like 6 days ago or in 3 days, etc).
  11. Unfortunately, the problem is still here, even after the winter holidays. I did everything again (re-schedule the training, send players in holiday, etc) and it's still coming back... And I specify, I don't have a lot of injuries during matches, it occurs during training almost all the time.
  12. Hey Seb. I did exactly what you told me, there is still the same problem. And I also get a lot of injuries.
  13. Hello Seb. Thanks for your answer. That's what I did in the save where I showed you in the pics. I already noticed the problem in my previous save so I started a new one. I even cancelled all friendly games and I had a light pre-season training. I sent them on holiday for 2 weeks, let them on the bench for some matches and that did nothing. They got exhausted after just one game again. Still the same... I think there is a problem. Especially when you look at players natural fitness and stamina attributes like Strootman, Thauvin or Tsimikas who all get 15 on both.
  14. Hello ! I have a big problem. Almost all my players are exhausted all the time. I sent them on holiday and that changed nothing. I checked everything and I set a proper training schedule and even gave more rest, but still the same problem. And in a game, even player in fine condition are ending the first half with 50%. Here are 2 pics to show you. Thank you !
  15. Hello, is there a new ranking system for goalkeepers ? To don't get 6.99 for the whole season again ! Thank you.
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