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  1. thx mate the biggest problem facing me right now (of course) international/club continental competitions
  2. yes, but the absence of some files can cause minor problems.for example yugoslav clubs cannot join ucl when only the yugoslav file is used
  3. I divided the countries this way : How to install AEF Pack : Go to documents -> Sports interactive - > Football Manager 2021 -> editor data and paste the file Once open the game, select 21.3.0 version Logo package for those who want : https://www.mediafire.com/file/aag9t8j2jbdian0/logo+pack.rar/file You can also follow my projects on Have fun Alternative Europe FantasyPack.rar
  4. This pack is kind of an alternative package what would happen if Erdogan lost the election. 3rd and 4th divisions activated Turkish Lira is valued 10 times Germany, France, Belgium, Italy has strengthened relations with Turkey Turkey was offset proportional to the economic strength of the Turkish lira Turkey League transfer values are updated (like Germany) Weekly salaries of Turkey League are updated (like Germany) Added U23 leagues dependent on the main league (Super League and 1st League) Independent U18 leagues added (up to the lowest tier) Added Turkey U18 Cup (Golden Generation Cup) Squad rules are updated U18 Awards Added U23 Youth Cup added The reward awarded per match has been updated League Ranking rewards updated How to install Go to documents -> Sports interactive - > Football Manager 2021 -> editor data and paste the file NOTICE: I recommend that marking checkbox of "Add Players to Playable Teams" on the adding league page to use youth leagues effectively. You can also follow my projects on Updates will continue considering your feedback. Have fun Great Turkish Improvement Pack.fmf
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