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  1. Let's say I do a season of FM with alot of players and leagues etc, is it possible to at some point transfer the save game to a new laptop?
  2. Hi, Can someone please advise me on how to maximise this system's performance? AMD Quad core processor, 2GHZ 3GB RAM 64-bit OS Can't remember what graphics card it is, but something like Radeon 5000. Laptop is a couple of yrs old, just wondering how many leagues and players it would support, IF I add another 2GB ram, and give the laptop a general clean-up etc. Also how to maximise performance.
  3. No Udinese thread? I'm all over this, but need to the end of the week to get it on.
  4. During pre-season, have the schedule fairly high on strength/aerobic/tactics, and fairly low on everything else. Then when the season starts change it up to a lighter schedule. Get top physios in, such as Gary Lewin, and top fitness coaches, such as Paul Winsper(both free agents). The other thing is to be religious about rest. I always give my player 1-2 days off after a game, depending on schedule, and as the season progress I will give them up to 3 days off if needed. Toward the end of the season, I will give them 4-7 days off if necessary! I barely get any injuries.
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