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  1. You're basically looking for someone like Udinese. This is what they do IRL though have sold most of their interesting players.. I would say the highest you can go on this scale is Tottenham in the EPL. You're not expected to win the league but obviously the inevitable success will promote more expectation. In Italy, Sampdoria and Atalanta have good youth systems and low expectations, while in Germany there some clubs with really good youth facilities - Leverkusen are pretty rich, have saleable assets and top youth facilities. Gladbach also worth investigating. While in England, look at Sunderland, Newcastle and Southampton. Saleable assets, lowish expectations and great youth set ups,
  2. Getting Cassano out of the club is quite hard. I really want him gone and concentrate on youth. Is it just a case of letting his deal run down? I don't mind keeping Cambaisso, Zannetti etc but not this doofus.
  3. I see your point about Ade and Sig, but unfortunately I play the game based on personal bias. IRL, I have come to hate Adebayor and so will try and sell him, bringing in a younger, more determined player.
  4. I would buy Falcao. That is underpriced and even if Messi banging them in, you need different options. There are many good reasons for Barcelona to buy a player like Falcao. He fits the squad aswell. Bartra can absolutely be a long term replacement. He's only 21 and has room to grow, such as his strength, but otherwise his attributes are all in the right place, ready to improve. Moreover he has the right attributes for Barcelona(first touch, passing, composure, positioning) which is more important than getting a player with higher attributes but who doesn't suit the club, such as....Kurt Zouma. Jan 1st season probably £25m+, but if you unsettle him probably a little less. That said I don't think he's a Barca player for the reasons above. It would take too long to get his passing up. Someone like Alderweired would be good, but Bartra is better.
  5. You do get loads of funds at Spurs yeah. I tend to not use them as I've always stayed away from big money signings for some reason. For those who have gotten stadium moves, how have your finances been affected? So I finally managed to start my pre-season - haven't had time so far. Going to leave the squad as it is because there's no-one I really want to buy. In any case, I won't be making drastic changes, instead keeping the lads together, but will go for a gradual evolution over the coming seasons. I do know who I will be selling end of season though - Adebayor, Huddlestone, Parker, Gallas and possibly Sigurdsson(though he may be given a chance) - Probably keep Dawson for the tutoring. For now though these players can play their part. I was going to go the 4-5-1 system, but may change to a 4-2-3-1. Not sure.
  6. Can you bid for Faraoni in 2013? Another player who I'd really want back at the club but who is inexplicably elsewhere
  7. Kane could make a very good EPL player but he's not my type. I like Smith though, and usually keep him along with Livermore, Naughton and at a push Carroll.
  8. Alot of them release fees which are quite low compared to most
  9. Cool thanks. I wouldn't sell Vela he's too good. Might give it a go, never managed in Spain before! They just start with a dire bank balance. do the likes of Martinez and Ruben get poached by bigger clubs?
  10. Has anyone played as Real Sociedad? They have a nice team but the finances are awful and so wondered how people sorted them out without selling?
  11. Problem with Bale is that unlike in real life his professionalism and loyalty are only average so he'll sulk and speak out if he doesn't get a move... But stick it out, give him more money etc and he'll be ok. Even if he plays poorly for half a season
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