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  1. Thanks, it appears to have the old rules but I am certain the message said it would be changing to a foreign player limit. Is it possible in October 2020 for Brexit to not have been implemented?
  2. Hi I got a message about brexit a while ago announcing that I would receive more details but I have yet to see a message or missed it whilst in the third season, is there a way I can check any rule changes in case I have missed the message?
  3. Midfield is far too attacking! Would have slightly more attacking fullbacks and at least one CM on defend.
  4. Playing in the SPL literally 90% of goals are from crosses. If not then long shots being fumbled into the net by the keeper. Match Engine clearly has the potential to be great but as quite a few people are saying some basic issues are rendering the game unplayable. I have never outright disliked an FM even when people said x y or z over the previous years I presumed it was tactics but right now it is ridiculous. I changed my fullbacks from wingback attack/support combo to both on Fullback support in the hope they would do a better job defensively but it makes no odds, time and time again they get beat, works both ways though and I score from crosses more often than not too. Given up till patch, which I hope will make this game the best FM yet, I love everything else especially the new tactics screen!
  5. Just sold him to Real Madrid for £70M at the start of season Three! http://i.imgur.com/PsLueql.png That is what he looks like, was good obviously but still second choice for me at Arsenal.
  6. I am aware it is just my opinion that is why I said in my opinion. Regardless I may post some matches from my year and a bit with Arsenal, but surely I am not the only one seemingly playing a sensible formation and getting good results but noticing that all my players ignore short passing a lot of the time and play very clearly direct football along with the fact that retain possession used to curb long passing even further and also reducing crossing heavily but now appears to have zero impact at all.
  7. Can I ask without reading through 34 pages of stuff if in the day release SI intend to fix short passing and retain possession which as it stands (in my opinion) is completely broken.
  8. Right so I can't be hooped doing an entire season review right now since I doubt I will carry this save over for any length of time. For those who asked here is my tactic. GK- Sweeper Keeper Support DL- Wingback Attack DR- Wingback Support CB- Defend CB- Defend CMr- DLP-D CMl- B2B AML- Inside Support AMC- Adv Attack AMR- Inside Attack ST- Deep Support Control- Flexible Shorter Passing, Pass Into Space, Work Ball into box, play out of defence, play higher up and close down more. This set up won me the league and FA cup but saw me get pumped badly by Bayern in the CL. Seems to be working just as well second season. Play Alexis on the right wing and he will score a shed load for you, AML is woeful in this tactic till I purchased an absolute bargain in Yarmolenko for £3.5M in January, he has had a serious upgrade this FM.
  9. I always struggle with Arsenal and a 4-2-3-1 and initially I was struggling but now I have settled on something I hardly tweak at all, will post it at end of season!
  10. For a slightly different CB than the usual suspects I recommend Dragovic highly, Mertesacker was out injured for 2-3 months and so he started almost every game and was very good for £9M. Ramsey plays okay as a box to box in my game but not great, was thinking of trying a 4-2-3-1 but with ozil as a adv support and rambo as a CM-A but Ozil is tremendous with more attacking responsibility. Will do a season update once I finish my first season should be a day or two!
  11. http://i.imgur.com/oZ8zSqb.png That's the new team instructions screen. I like the added options to closing down plus the stop short gk distribution feature is great.
  12. http://i.imgur.com/Ap9jY9c.png Almost ruining my game watching him score at least one every game, whoever did his stats Also does anyone else notice that a lot of free kicks are belted into the wall and then the free kick taker snatches at it everytime when the rebound comes to him, also an increased amount of freak goals from crosses going straight in as well. Other than these three things I really am enjoying this years FM a definite improvement over the last I really do rate all the extra features.
  13. How can anyone seriously defend the fact that the DB has it set that Gary Cahill has greater acceleration than Ronaldo? Cahill isn't slow but he certainly doesn't have greater acceleration than Koscielny for example.
  14. My best tactic i created was a 4-2-3-1 Deep for Dortmund. Won the league every season and winning CLs regularly. It is a very no nonsense tactic which focuses on direct quick attacks and counters and gets goals split across the front 4 pretty evenly.
  15. Was bought over at the end of 2016 and the consortium wiped out all of my debts and a stadium was announced to be constructed in 2019. Will do a proper update eventually but have exams I really should be studying for
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