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  1. Thanks, it appears to have the old rules but I am certain the message said it would be changing to a foreign player limit. Is it possible in October 2020 for Brexit to not have been implemented?
  2. Hi I got a message about brexit a while ago announcing that I would receive more details but I have yet to see a message or missed it whilst in the third season, is there a way I can check any rule changes in case I have missed the message?
  3. Playing in the SPL literally 90% of goals are from crosses. If not then long shots being fumbled into the net by the keeper. Match Engine clearly has the potential to be great but as quite a few people are saying some basic issues are rendering the game unplayable. I have never outright disliked an FM even when people said x y or z over the previous years I presumed it was tactics but right now it is ridiculous. I changed my fullbacks from wingback attack/support combo to both on Fullback support in the hope they would do a better job defensively but it makes no odds, time and time again they
  4. I presume this question has been answered in the previous 25 pages so I apologise but after skimming it can't seem to find it, if a player is set to swap position with another will the player retain his own instructions or take on those of the player he swaps with?
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