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  1. I have no real investment in the WWE title/anyone likely to be involved in the title picture so I’d like to see that purely for the meltdown on Twitter
  2. Drew v Sheamus non title Brock v Lashley for the title is what I was thinking Miz loses to Lashley soon and is probably in a tag match against Bad Bunny/Damien Priest
  3. Yeah I think Cole for the strong link to Rooney is the player I'd consider but I'll probably just try my luck with the prime or moments pack and then annoyed when I get Scholes for a 2nd time
  4. Dame is ridiculous, carrying this injured Blazers roster to 18-10 without his 2nd and 3rd best players. Scored or assisted the final 18 points last night to seal the win and I think 20 of the final 23 tonight to get the win
  5. If the NXT Evolve show is an actual developmental show like NXT used to be I’d be much more interested in keeping up with that than current NXT.
  6. Foley and Batista aren't. The Rock is the most centrist person maybe ever to exist
  7. Fox was/is great, her character work was legitimately top tier and she was fine in the ring for her time period
  8. She’s one of the few genuinely cool people in WWE. Has megastar potential
  9. They’ve done an incredible job of building Bianca into a superstar. Her feud with Bayley has been great on SD and that was a great performance
  10. Yeah I think Fiend Bliss taking Natalyas spot makes sense. I hate all of the fiend stuff but it’s better than Natalya
  11. Asuka on Raw and Sasha on SD Asuka hasn’t defended the title since September Sasha is having a pretty bad feud with Carmella
  12. It’s annoying. Even if he was a little overpriced I’d had done him with no problems because he’s fits perfectly into my team but I’d be better just going and buying one of the Goretzka cards
  13. Sabitzer has been one of my favourite players this year but an 84,86 and 87 for that card is ridiculous. Take out the 87 and I’d have 100% done it
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