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  1. @Francis Mooney, I just upload the Man Utd.fm save game to the cloud. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks,
  2. Hi, For some reason when my scouts on the national team go and scout, they are putting non national team members into the national pool. Not sure if this is something that has already been reported. Thanks,
  3. I am wondering if there is anyway to convert or get the MadScientistFM's 2003/04 Custom Database for FM19 to FM20 capabilities so we could play with that database. I just found out about it but don't want to play FM19 any more. Also would love for Si to potentially look into letting you start in previous years with them handling the database. Especially since they have all the past databases already.
  4. Riz, Is there any chance we can have a space in the contract section where we can see what year or how many years left before a player is going to hit RFA or UFA status so that we can know how long we should offer contracts.
  5. Any chance we can get national team management to be similar to how it is now. Wish I could hire a NHL coaches for the olympics, World Cup and world championships. Thanks
  6. I sent a guy back after training camp and one year of his contract got burned as well as signing draft picks that were going to become free agents and their first year got burnt.
  7. I just updated to 15.2 and now all the financials, salaries and salary caps are gone. When I try to sign someone it just says they want $0 and you can offer them $0.
  8. Yes I just had my Head Coach fired and I didn't do that. This has got to be a bug.
  9. I qualified Carl Haglein and went past July 1, was waiting to offer him again when I got notified that I had lost his rights and he was signed by another teams.
  10. During the draft, I went to put my scouts in their locations for their rankings but they werent showing up. If you clicked on the player the reports are there and available.
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