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  1. Luke, I have uploaded the save under FM Save - Stadium Issue.fm Thank you
  2. Hi, I had a player injured and I made the sub on the Dugout page. It doesn't make the sub and when I go into my tactics it says that the sub has been made except the players are still on the field. I can make the sub manually but it makes it another substitution so I really make 2 subs instead of 1. Thanks
  3. Hi, I requested a new stadium and the board said that they would look into it. After about 6 months I haven't heard anything from the board but I was able to ask for a new stadium again but this time I didn't get a response from the board. Is this a bug? Thanks
  4. Just got asked if I was going to give my players a day off after a dominate win. Its the 1st game of the year and we play in the Super Cup in 2 days. Doubt this would happen irl.
  5. My U18 players have been made available (not sure by who, wasn't me) but there isn't a way to make them unavailable.
  6. I have my assistant manager take over the friendly's but I set the lineup. When I use U23 or U18 players they aren't picked in the sub list after the game is over even though I have made them a sub before the game.
  7. When I make a pre season tour in the schedule it always just makes the games normal away games and doesn't have any tour components, like bringing players on the tour. Also I don't ever get invited on any tours. Also when I got to the USA MLS teams are never available to play which isn't what happens IRL. Thanks,
  8. Hi, I had this same issue in FM 20. My international Assistant Manager would bring foreign players to scouting meetings and would put them into my national team pool even though they were already capped for another country. He would then spend time scouting them and not players from the country I am working for. I have uploaded the save under FM Upload National Pool Issue. Thanks
  9. Hi, The board asked to sign high reputation players and English players so I bought Jadon Sancho and Kylian Mbappe for Manchester United. The board says that they are devastated about the reputation and disappointed in the English player. Don't know if it's a bug but these two players would seem to tick off both boxes. Uploaded the game under FM Upload Man Utd - USA
  10. I am wondering if there is anyway to convert or get the MadScientistFM's 2003/04 Custom Database for FM19 to FM20 capabilities so we could play with that database. I just found out about it but don't want to play FM19 any more. Also would love for Si to potentially look into letting you start in previous years with them handling the database. Especially since they have all the past databases already.
  11. Riz, Is there any chance we can have a space in the contract section where we can see what year or how many years left before a player is going to hit RFA or UFA status so that we can know how long we should offer contracts.
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