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  1. FM17 serie d/eccellenza

    This Kind of DD it's not simple test, in totale there are about 200 Leagues and about 50 cups, so sometimes there could be some problems even if it's tested... The db for fm17 Is good, we tested It for more than 10 years to avoid this Kind of bug. You could have this problem if you don't load db 17.3 . You have to start a new game with the 17.3!
  2. FM17 serie d/eccellenza

    why "doesn't seem well tested"? tell me what is wrong...
  3. League History not recording in season with playoff

    Now it works CzechNew_C93978C5-1361-48ED-A291-218B8CED5AE9.fmf
  4. Graphics: Lega Pro kits Serie D Kits V 2 In the folder there is the file " FUSION DB - Kits e Colori Serie D v 2" that must be inserted in "editor data" , you need to load it to see all the kits in game. San Marino Kits
  5. [FM17] FUSION DB - Prima Categoria Italiana (italian 7th level) DOWNLOAD on Fusion DB's facebook page contains: Serie D (9 groups) - 4th level Eccellenza (28 groups) - 5th level Promozione (53 groups) - 6th level Prima Categoria (109 groups) - 7th level Poule Scudetto Serie D Coppa Italia Serie D Coppe Regionali Eccellenza (19 regional cups) Coppa Italia Dilettanti Coppe Regionali Promozione Coppe Regionali Prima Categoria (19 regional cups) Youth U20 championships (Primavera, Beretti, etc...) and U18 (Allievi) Torneo di Viareggio To activate the 7th level (Prima Categoria) we have included 777 new teams and 536 new stadiums. It's also included the San Marino's league (Campionato Sammarinese). If there are any problems, please report and I'll try to see if I can help. DOWNLOAD V 1.0 http://www.mediafire.com/file/9i7bilepz3l82ke/_FUSION_DB_-_Prima_Categoria_Italiana_e_Campionati_Giovanili_(Italian_7th_Level)_v_1.0_EF07D368-742E-4319-8389-9C02308F702A.fmf
  6. DOWNLOAD on Fusion DB's facebook page v 1.4 : http://www.mediafire.com/file/7bs0vp9ni9xbedx/FUSION_DB_-_Promozione_Italiana_e_Campionati_Giovanili_(Italian_6th_Level)_v_1.4.RAR
  7. DOWNLOAD on Fusion DB's facebook page v 1.2 : fixed ploblem with fixtures not genereted after the second season. DOWNLOAD V 1. 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/cqk9io5z0g5q1xe/___FUSION+DB+-+Promozione+Italiana+e+Campionati+Giovanili+(Italian+6th+Level)+v+1.2_923CA9F8-BDE4-44E3-9AE8-043B01F77B87.fmf
  8. I found where the problem is. I try to solve and then I will post the new files. I apologize for the problems.
  9. it is possible that with the same db, some may have that problem and others not? I have tried several times and I've never encountered that problem.
  10. I knew that some files had this problem, but I have tried starting from the sixth level with Asti, and I arrived in November 2019 without problems