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  1. Download World League only: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ceixh2fnh6di2uc/FM19_World_League.fmf/file Download World League with a boost to the youth intake of smaller countries as well as the training and youth facilities of smaller clubs: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ccc3klnh5tq7nnn/FM19_World_League_Boost.fmf/file Based in Wallis and Futuna. A world League structure, 10 tiers, every single country has at least 3 clubs involved. Total of 1195 clubs. Divisions: World League 1 - 20 teams. World League 3 - 48 teams in 2 groups. World League 4 - 72 teams in 3 gr
  2. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/TjEtd DOWNLAOD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/96m867w62vb2vue/Fictional.rar This is a BETA database. I will fix crashes and bugs, but i will not improve upon this database or take requests. This is mostly practice for the FM 18 version of this project which will be bigger, more thorough and better. -189 nations have been changed. From their name, to their economy, capital city, reputation, youth rating. -All 189 nations have 180 clubs with full fictional squads. They have a 6 tier league system. 3 divisions with 20
  3. Well, it's possible. You'll have to edit an extinct nation or a very small nation with a small name and surname pool. Then you'll have to create hundreds, maybe even thousands of people/players/journalists in order to populate the name/surname pool to a decent level so the regens will have the names and surnames of the LotR/SW universe. Apart from that, the rest is easy, create leagues and clubs and add nation comp rules for them.
  4. Thanks, i'm working on a huge project in preparation for FM 18, still not sure if it will work, it's a very ambitious one.
  5. You can merge them with XML exporting, it's much more stable than editor merging in my experience. I'm currently playing a save with advanced editor rules for 5 different countries in one file.
  6. Not true. Using advanced editor settings allows you to edit rules for as many nations and competitions as you want.
  7. The way i used to do XML editing is, for example, if i wanted to create a large number of new teams, i'd create one new team through the editor and then analyze the XML file to see in which format a team is created and then replicate that with new ID's. The problem is, i don't know how to convert the .fmf editor files into XML so i can analyze the formats.
  8. Is there any guide or explanation available on how to XML edit?
  9. XML editing was killed, so a big chunk of the flexibility was gone. The editing scene is quite stale, i hope for some big Editor improvements soon.
  10. I did this and now every single game loads 311,000 players, which is way too much.
  11. I don't have 32 friends, let alone 32 friends who play Football Manager.
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