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  1. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    St. Andrews in 2 weeks. I actually wish it was alot further away tbh
  2. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    Been playing with some budget Callaway Razr Edge clubs for the last 4 years. In need of a new set so booked myself in for a custom fitting session in Greenwich with American Golf. Does anyone have any experience with custom fitting? I don't know what to expect and worried I'll get recommended the most expensive clubs not suited to me
  3. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    I'm playing with a few friends at St. Andrews in March. So excited!!! Flying in from Gatwick to Edinburgh and renting clubs as I really cant be bothered driving 9 hours or faffing about with my clubs. Any one know the best way to travel from Edinburgh airport to Fairmont St. Andrews hotel? cabs abit too expensive so train/coach seems the best bet.
  4. Waria Ahmed

    The OTF gym/fitness club

    Finally signed up for a 10K in Feb - been meaning to do something for the last 4-5 years! Started training to try and aim for a sub 40 minute target. Thought I'd message in here to get some encouragement and maybe encourage others! This is the training I'm following: https://www.runbritain.com/training/runfaster/ten-week-schedule-to-break-40-minutes-for-10k
  5. Waria Ahmed

    Incident at Oxford Cirus tube station

    My train stopped at oxford street and i heard an announcement asking all passengers to leave the station immediately. Didnt hear any shots though.
  6. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    Where abouts in London do you live? I used to go to a par 3 course in Rainham, Essex when I was starting out to build my confidence, before hitting the big courses.
  7. Waria Ahmed

    Back in the day OTF

    I remember when i requested a name change and the mods changed my username to scabface 😂 Remember getting quite worked up over it.
  8. Waria Ahmed

    Back in the day OTF

    I remember foobr, Kris Dorey and Father Senegal. Oh and NickOGS20.
  9. Waria Ahmed

    Spam email is getting worse

    I once was selling a phone on Amazon and someone emailed me with the "SOLD, dispatch your item now" email. Almost fell for it but I always used to log in and check what my account balance is. Decided to troll the guy for a few weeks before I got bored. He had the cheek to threaten me by saying he was going to pull out of the transaction
  10. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    That is what I've been practicing recently. At the top of the back swing slight wrist movement and then the driver is square at impact. It does work but I guess i'll need to practice enough to be able to control myself from subconsciously hinging my wrists during an iron shot.
  11. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    I have an annoying trait of slicing most of my driver/woods shots but 99% of my iron shots are straight. I had a lesson recently on fixing my drives and my instructor got me to move my left wrist out slightly so the club face is square at impact. It did work tbh but I wondered if anyone knew why an iron swing would be different to a driver swing? I'm guessing the length of the club has an affect on the path and time it takes to square the club? I know I should have asked the instructor but the question only popped in my head after the lesson
  12. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

  13. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    With my driver, its either a shank or anywhere between 1 and 150 yards. So I don't even use it. Usually use my 3 wood to tee off - i get around 220-240 yards with that if i hit it straight.
  14. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    I usually play around Essex. I guess Kent is easily achievable.
  15. Waria Ahmed

    General Golf Thread

    I'd be up for that. Although not sure if there are any OTF golfers in London.