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  1. You remind me off the kids in school that would shout "OHHHHHHH SH!!!T" at every your mum joke to cause a fight :D
  2. Last night was just an utter utter embarrassment. I never felt confident we can get the job done last night even when we was leading. There is a serious lack of leadership in the team and I don't know how much these defeats and failures hurt the team. To be asked to guarantee top four by winning two games against West Ham and Bournemouth after an awful season, and then c0cking it up is just ridiculous. Worst thing is knowing teams like Liverpool and Chelsea would have grabbed that opportunity and completed the job with it if given. Just a huge disappointment and unfortunately out of the fan
  3. Maybe we should play rooney on the left if he HAS to play. Atleast not everything will go through him and he can put a shift in without slowing play down everytime.
  4. I hope he doesn't turn out to another Macheda. We really need to start giving him some game time.
  5. Whats his best position? On the left of behind striker? Could our future front 4 consist of... Martial memphis pereira janujaz?
  6. Does the clean break mean he doesnt lose any speed? Seemed like a player that took the pressure in his stride.. hopefully he comes back mentally strong.
  7. Maybe were giving De Gea £22m as a signing on bonus?
  8. How good is Johnstone?? I havent seen him play at all to be honest.
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