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  1. Well first of all I would want to ask you what kind of style do you want to play? I'm guessing it's a more possession style of play rather than counter-attacking? It would also be handy to post your setup here so we can look in to it with more detail. Having a good overview of all the roles and duties makes it easier to have an idea how it can work all together. An anchor man and regista as a duo is what I would've gone for as well and should provide enough stability. As for the AMC, I would definitely put him in a support role where he drops deeper. It could be an Attacking Midfielder (S) for example. Which would provide more defensive work than an AP(s). It might also be an option to play a MC instead of a AMC, but then as a AP(a). This could help in regard of linking up better with the deep duo. However then I think it might be better to play your striker in a support duty.
  2. Same for me. The far post crosses make 80% of the goals...
  3. I try to keep the ball with the "take a breather" shout to recover some energy and also keeping the ball in the team. Also like cfcx said, play a short passing game with slower tempo and keeping the pitch narrow. Don't forget to play rigid because some players can strafe out of position. Keeping the pitch narrow may force the opposition to attack through the wings so that means its further away from the goal. Sometimes it prevents that they can shoot from a more central position.
  4. When you're watching a game can't you see the Tactics button? It's under the current score in a game.
  5. Thank you furious! Another question. My players keep attempting shots outside the box and using the work the ball into the box shout doesn't help. Player instructions don't help either. What can I do about it?
  6. So I did a second game with the tactic and I won against a strong Wolves side at home. 2-1. It suprises me that this works. Just like my other post, you're almost dominating the whole time. I had like 20 shots and 10 went on target, could've score more if my striker did a better job upfront. Only thing is that you can concede from very long passing counters but if you have a fast DM and DC it won't be such a problem. And when I was up I took one of my MC's of for a DC so I had more balance in the defence.
  7. I tried to do an awkward formation after I read this thread and I just finished my game against QPR and I'm Swansea I played a 2-5-3 with 1 DC 1 DM 3 MC 2 AM 2 Wingers and 1 striker It resulted in a 2-0 win but since my real striker was injured I couldve scored a lot more. My possession was around 70% whole game long and passing in midfield and attack was 90% My MC's are dropping deep when defending which looks like I've got 4 defenders when defending. It worked well for me. DM and DC were my most important men on the pitch as my DC won a lot of headers and made some important interceptions and my DM (anchorman) Was just dominating the midfield
  8. Hey, quick question. When you have your AMC swapping position with your striker does the AMC take the instructions and role of the striker or only his striker position?
  9. I am currently playing the same formation and its wonderful to see how you explained all this stuff so easily that anyone can understand it. Chapeau for taking time for this wonderful thread! But do you mind if I would ask if you could share the Arsenal tactic? I always wanted to play like the Invincibles.
  10. Hmm I get it yes, what about tight marking and the other options. If you have time, could you explain on which kind of occassions I should apply those.
  11. Ah like that, okay. So if there is a striker which is rightfooted and not that very good with his left one, I should show him onto his weaker foot right? Have you ever experienced that it does work or not?
  12. Okay thank you! Are there any instructions I should always apply on some positions? Or does it depend on the player?
  13. I don't really do something with that usually but I wonder if it does help and if I should use it or not? Are they useful to use or does it not really matter at all?
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