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  1. Nation: a european/scandinavian one Division: top European Competition: not essential Media Prediction: one of the favorites mibi top 3/4 Board Expectation(s): any Transfer Budget: good for the league Wage Budget: same as above Finances: decent Other: just looking for a team that has been knocking on the topspot in their country, i like to develop young players with one or two marquee signings a season ( ny marquee i mean for the respective league, im not looking for a ronaldo, pogba, ozil type )
  2. I checked that, it's set to what it should be for a 46" HD, I have a feeling that I need to go to in game preferences but because of the problem I have it wont let me 😟
  3. I hooked my laptop up to my tv since the monitor is broken, for some reason it doesn't work with football manager but works fine with the rest of the laptop, I can load the game then comes the main menu. I click on load last game this opens new network game, So I managed to load my save my clicking a few options down the main menu page, but when in a save I can't click on the options button to save my game. This has seriously left me shaking like a drug user going cold turkey, I NEED MY FM FIX !, please help 😟
  4. Just started my first season of the new fm with the mighty teady Bears 🇬🇧 My team looks like Gk - fotheringham/bell DR - tavernier/mccrorie Dc - kiernan/ball Dc - Wilson/Lang Dl - Wallace/Thompson Cm - zelalem/sneijder Cm - holt/Halliday Rw - McKay/aird Lw - templeton/Alston St - hardie/cummings St - waghorn/walsh I sold Miller for next to nothing to Shrewsbury and law to hearts for around 115k, not gonna make anymore signings until January and only if I get hit with injurys.