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  1. I'm a few months into my first season with rangers and I've kept the same squad really, brought in mcgrandles on loan for a season and bought Robson from Dundee united to rotate with Wallace and john McGinn, only player I've let go so far is Andy Halliday, so in defence I have senderos and Wilson playing most games and I had hill and kiernan as back up, however hill got injured for 8/9 months and had just said he's gonna retire so I really need a defender in as kiernan is leaving at the end of the season, i only have around 400k to spend with around 14k available for wages, suggest
  2. just got to the end of the first transfer window. sitting pretty at the top of the tree with 3 wins and a draw, however c*ltic have 2 games in hand and i play them next playing a 4231 tactic Fotheringham - Gilks Tav - Hodson Senderos - Keirnan Wilson - Hill Wallace - Gallacher ( Falkirk 60k ) Barton - Telfer ( Dundee United 500k ) Halliday - Rossiter - Crooks Waggy - Windass Niko - Holt Mckay - Forrester Garner - Dodoo still have miller but i will only be using him for cover this season
  3. Nation: a european/scandinavian one Division: top European Competition: not essential Media Prediction: one of the favorites mibi top 3/4 Board Expectation(s): any Transfer Budget: good for the league Wage Budget: same as above Finances: decent Other: just looking for a team that has been knocking on the topspot in their country, i like to develop young players with one or two marquee signings a season ( ny marquee i mean for the respective league, im not looking for a ronaldo, pogba, ozil type )
  4. I checked that, it's set to what it should be for a 46" HD, I have a feeling that I need to go to in game preferences but because of the problem I have it wont let me ?
  5. I hooked my laptop up to my tv since the monitor is broken, for some reason it doesn't work with football manager but works fine with the rest of the laptop, I can load the game then comes the main menu. I click on load last game this opens new network game, So I managed to load my save my clicking a few options down the main menu page, but when in a save I can't click on the options button to save my game. This has seriously left me shaking like a drug user going cold turkey, I NEED MY FM FIX !, please help ?
  6. Just started my first season of the new fm with the mighty teady Bears ?? My team looks like Gk - fotheringham/bell DR - tavernier/mccrorie Dc - kiernan/ball Dc - Wilson/Lang Dl - Wallace/Thompson Cm - zelalem/sneijder Cm - holt/Halliday Rw - McKay/aird Lw - templeton/Alston St - hardie/cummings St - waghorn/walsh I sold Miller for next to nothing to Shrewsbury and law to hearts for around 115k, not gonna make anymore signings until January and only if I get hit with injurys.
  7. i wouldn't mind trying the ross county one, be the first scottish club to get 10 league titles in a row
  8. yep sell, agreed so much, you should try snap up another striker to take over the munir role if your gonna let him make the step up
  9. personally i would sell up on mario, just depends on if you have confidence in your replacement i suppose, who is his replacement i you have one in mind ?
  10. they don't really have the natural mr/ml i was thinking about, i have had many saves with united, wanted to mix things up a bit, and i couldn't handle sh*ty, just as bad as going c*ltic for me lol, stoke are a good shout as im not really bothered about the size of a club i just want one who fits my needs and i can build it from there
  11. Nation: one of europes top 10 leagues Division: top European Competition: not fussed Media Prediction: not fussed Board Expectation(s): not fussed Transfer Budget: depends how the squad fits to a classic 442 Wage Budget: not fussed Finances: im sure you know im not fussed Other: i like playing a classic 442 recently, always used it a few years back but i have changed my ways, now i want to try another 442, i want a team who has players natural in the positions, preferably with a backup for each position so i only have to take out the weak links and develop youth, doesn't need to be a
  12. good luck with the new save steff, just played my first champions league game in this save, was winning 3-2 used all my subs, thought i was gonna lose after the 2 injuries i got
  13. mate i tried to find the file i don't know where it is on the computer because i got it from steam, if you know where the location is i'll happily upload it for you
  14. mate it really is, only problem for some people is the amount of home grown talent you need in each squad. League Rules Fa Cup Rules player development in the way forward. unless you feel like going into the editor and changing it like most people have been doing http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=366058759 Link ^ Nearly dont the second season still undefeated and close to a domestic treble Squad Every team also gets around 4 million in Tv Cash so yeah its sweet mate
  15. end of the first season - although we scored a lot we did let in a ridiculous amount second season signings - some good signings bring on season 2
  16. it was a 20 team league i was after at first but i'm content with 16, if it was a 20 team league you would get the 38 games instead of the 30, but i suppose the way its set out would give teams a helping hand when it comes to european games, it must have taken the boy ages to do lol, im easy with the homegrown rules tbh because i very rarely buy a player over 18 so it works for me but i can see why people would want to change it
  17. stumbled across a 16 team league with the full scottish football pyramid all the way to the juniors leagues - don't think i'll get bored with this
  18. thanks very much buddy, thats along the lines i was looking for, cheers
  19. need some help expanding a league on the editor, i have been trying with no luck to make the SPFLs top 2 leagues into 1, mainly because it gets really boring playing against various teams 4 times a season, so i wanted to expand it to a 20 team league then change league 1 to the championship and league 2 to league 1, if anyone has succeeded at this how do the finances differ also ?
  20. im getting bored with it also, does anyone know how to change the league format on the editor ? i wanted to make the top 2 leagues in scotland into one league, it kills my soul having to play against various teams like 4 teams a season, i had a try on the editor with no luck
  21. if you go on steam you can get the editor, just switch a championship side for celtic, but make sure you put zed team into the scottish league and change nation based to english or you cant qualify for europe, i made one before with rangers and celtic in english league 2 and took every player over 20 out of each team, the race to the premier league
  22. their worth it, just depends on what you're looking for, i always go for foreign feeder clubs with good youth systems, it has taken me years to find this out tho, the others in my personal opinion are useless, but thats just me, iv had plenty of class youth players come through them, your not gonna get a world beater every year but its a good investment depending on how you play the game
  23. first 10 games into the second season, 1 point lower than i had at this stage last season although im 1 place higher
  24. yeah the TV money is kinda good, 27 mil forecasted for my second season, was roughly about the same in my first and i got 11 mil for sponsorship in my first season and 12 in my second, i dont usually play in serie a, just stumbled accross this thread and thought why not its a good league to play in, i think im enjoying it more because i usually only go rangers or in the english premier league and rarely i go in spain
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