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  1. roversawh7

    2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    It's important that we let the country where the game originated have a few games here and there. I am shocked that one of the two teams agreed to give up home games.
  2. roversawh7

    2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Stupid question, but can we A's fans band together and file in support of the grievance?
  3. Most leagues also have a rule where if you do not use a certain number of timeouts before the end of a quarter/half, then you lose that timeout so there are certain situations where teams gave nothing to lose by calling the timeout.
  4. roversawh7

    806 Years On!

    FM17 slows way down after a couple hundred years. I was about where I expected for 300 years in Singapore and then it was slower than FM16 England before long. It looks like it took me 95 days or so to get to 4200 with a small database and all division of England loaded in FM16.
  5. roversawh7

    806 Years On!

    Yeah, I don't think people who have never done it realize how tough it is in this version to holiday 800 years. I've been doing long-term holiday saves for a decade now, and this may be the most impressive thing I've heard of being done. I am not even sure it is possible to do that many years with that many leagues. I think I have only managed it once without bugs or other issues.
  6. roversawh7

    806 Years On!

    Did you start it when the game was released? I started a Singapore holiday save after the last patch with the hopes that improvements for FM17 would mean that it would be faster than previous versions. Unfortunately, it appears to be the complete opposite and my hopes that this save could break my all time record are basically gone.
  7. I have thought about asking this question since SI first added FFP calculations to the game, but I have procrastinated until Neymar... Are expenses (financial accounting, not actual cash) that result from transfers that the clubs make before we actually start our game included in the appropriate time period once the game actually starts? I would assume not, because of how difficult it would be to be reasonably accurately calculated for every club and transfer, but I figured I would ask. If not, I guess we technically get more breathing room than real life when it comes to early game FFP.
  8. roversawh7

    Any fans of the BBL on here?

    Go Taylor King and the Leicester Riders. At some point I'll need to catch some playoff games on livebasketball.tv (for those of us outside the UK).
  9. You can tweet username aljarov if you have a Twitter account.
  10. roversawh7

    2017 Baseball Thread - The end of all curses

    I thought Canada invented basketball?
  11. Known bug from FM15 or before that I guess was never fixed.
  12. Euro Winners since last screenshots:
  13. World Cup Winners since last screenshots: