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  1. I will do a more complete set of screenshots later, but I wanted to commemorate getting to the year 4015 to mark 2000 years of simulation, a mark that I have only ever surpassed twice. The game is getting unstable, so it will probably not get much further, but I will run it a little while longer. I have not decided on FM17 yet because Wales is more uncertain with Brexit in the game, but Singapore seems like an option.
  2. I have added both to the list. In the future, could you exclude potentially identifying information like favorite clubs just to be safe? Thanks. It does seem like the number of comparisons is down from last year, but I will wait until more regens filter through to make a final judgment. I could just have bad scouts.
  3. Brazil: Adriano: (roversawh7) Dunga: (roversawh7) Germany: Bernd Schneider: (ubernoobNTH) England: Paul Ince: (ubernoobNTH) Michael Owen: (roversawh7)
  4. I will be doing this again for FM17. The basic idea is for us as a community to find as many in-game media comparisons as possible. The rules will be the same as FM16: The most important thing is no player naming! The player can be a real player or a regen and does not have to be on your team. If the player is a real player, please avoid showing any information that could identify him. Remember these are media comparisons and not teammate comparisons. My first example is below. The list will be in the second post of the first page and then near the top of every page afterwards so check it to see if your player has been found before posting it. Only the first person to find a given comparison will be given credit. Please provide a screenshot of your find. I prefer embedded images and one player/image per post. If you find a player that the media compares to a regen in your save, those count too and should be posted here. It is generally cool to be able to see the regen that the comparison is made with, especially if he is a star player in your save. The following will be considered cheating and not allowed (honor system!): Editing a screenshot to insert a media comparison that was not actually generated by the game. Using the editor to add a player to a nation's list of famous players (the game itself does add new players for media comparisons) Editing a player's ability to cause the game to create a media comparison that would not happen naturally. Happy hunting!
  5. Algeria: Salah Assad (AndyFal36) Essaid Belkalem: (roversawh7) Billel Dziri: (AndyFal36) Ahcene Lalmas: (AndyFal36) Rais M'Bolhi: (roversawh7) Argentina: Alfio Basile: (puffascruffowitz) Carlos Babington: (puffascruffowitz) Ramon Diaz: (roversawh7) Angel Di Maria: (roversawh7) Rene Houseman: (roversawh7) Mario Kempes: (puffascruffowitz) Diego Latorre: (roversawh7) Daniel Passarella: (puffascruffowitz) Oscar Ruggeri: (roversawh7) Hector Veira: (puffascruffowitz) Australia: Mark Schwarzer: (4457) Belgium: Phillippe Albert: (roversawh7) Danny Boffin: (puffascruffowitz) Jan Ceulemans: (roversawh7) Thibaut Courtois: (roversawh7) Michel De Wolf: (roversawh7) Juan Lozano: (roversawh7) Romelu Lukaku: (puffascruffowitz) Walter Meuws: (roversawh7) Emile Mpenza: (puffascruffowitz) Michel Preud'homme: (roversawh7) Enzo Scifo: (roversawh7) Timmy Simons: (roversawh7) Lorenzo Staelens: (puffascruffowitz) Erwin Vandenbergh: (puffascruffowitz) Wilfried Van Moer: (roversawh7) Marc Wilmots: (puffascruffowitz) Bosnia & Herzegovina: Ivica Osim: (roversawh7) Brazil: Adriano: (puffascruffowitz) Andre Cruz: (puffascruffowitz) Antonio Carlos Zago: (puffascruffowitz) Bebeto: (roversawh7) Careca: (puffascruffowitz) Dida: (roversawh7) Djalminha: (AndyFal36) Dunga: (puffascruffowitz) Fred: (AndyFal36) Gerson: (puffascruffowitz) Gilberto Silva: (puffascruffowitz) Giovanni: (roversawh7) Jairzinho: (AndyFal36) Jardel: (puffascruffowitz) Jefferson: (puffascruffowitz) Julio Cesar: (puffascruffowitz) Juninho Pernambucano: (puffascruffowitz) Marcelinho Carioca (4457) Marcos: (AndyFal36) Mario Sergio: (roversawh7) Mauro Silva: (puffascruffowitz) Rivelino: (roversawh7) Roberto Dinamite: (puffascruffowitz) Rogerio Ceni: (roversawh7) Ronaldao: (puffascruffowitz) Ronaldo: (puffascruffowitz) Serginho Chulapa: (AndyFal36) Zinho: (puffascruffowitz) Bulgaria: Borislav Mihaylov: (roversawh7) Cameroon: Carlos Kameni: (roversawh7) Rigobert Song: (roversawh7) Canada: Lars Hirschfeld (kandersson) Iain Hume: (kandersson) Atiba Hutchinson: (roversawh7) Rob Friend: (roversawh7) Jaime Peters: (kandersson) Chile: Alberto Quintano: (roversawh7) Colombia: Carlos Valderrama: (puffascruffowitz) Falcao: (roversawh7) Croatia: Zvonimir Boban: (puffascruffowitz) Vedran Corluka: (puffascruffowitz) Mario Stanic: (puffascruffowitz) Igor Stimac: (puffascruffowitz) Igor Tudor: (roversawh7) Czech Republic: Petr Cech: (roversawh7) Miroslav Kadlec: (roversawh7) Karel Poborsky: (roversawh7) Tomas Repka: (roversawh7) Tomas Rosicky: (roversawh7) Denmark: Nicklas Bendtner: (roversawh7) Soren Busk: (puffascruffowitz) Thomas Gravesen: (puffascruffowitz) Brian Laudrup: (puffascruffowitz) Jan Molby: (puffascruffowitz) Lars Olsen: (roversawh7) Christian Poulsen: (roversawh7) Per Rontved: (roversawh7) Peter Schmeichel: (roversawh7) England: David Beckham: (roversawh7) Terry Butcher: (roversawh7) Paul Gascoigne: (roversawh7) Jimmy Greaves: (roversawh7) Joe Hart: (roversawh7) Glenn Hoddle: (roversawh7) Geoff Hurst: (roversawh7) Paul Ince: (rywilson) Frank Lampard: (roversawh7) Gary Lineker: (roversawh7) Steve McManaman: (roversawh7) Michael Owen: (roversawh7) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: (roversawh7) Stuart Pearce: (roversawh7) David Seaman: (roversawh7) Alan Shearer: (roversawh7) Nobby Stiles: (rywilson) Chris Waddle: (roversawh7) Theo Walcott: (roversawh7) Ian Wright: (roversawh7) France: Manuel Amoros: (roversawh7) Joel Bats: (puffascruffowitz) Laurent Blanc: (puffascruffowitz) Maxime Bossis: (roversawh7) Eric Cantona: (puffascruffowitz) Hugo Lloris: (roversawh7) Michel Platini: (puffascruffowitz) Didier Six: (puffascruffowitz) Lilian Thuram: (roversawh7) Jean Tigana: (puffascruffowitz) Patrick Vieira (puffascruffowitz) Germany: Michael Ballack: (puffascruffowitz) Andreas Brehme: (nick1408) Sebastian Deisler: (roversawh7) Horst Eckel: (roversawh7) Klaus Fischer: (roversawh7) Dietmar Hamann: (roversawh7) Horst Hrubesch: (roversawh7) Jens Jeremies: (puffascruffowitz) Jurgen Klinsmann: (puffascruffowitz) Miroslav Klose: (puffascruffowitz) Jurgen Kohler: (puffascruffowitz) Per Mertesacker: (nick1408) Gunter Netzer: (roversawh7) Mesut Ozil: (puffascruffowitz) Stefan Reuter: (roversawh7) Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck: (roversawh7) Bastian Schweinsteiger: (roversawh7) Christian Worns: (puffascruffowitz) Ghana: Ibrahim Sunday: (puffascruffowitz) Ireland: John Giles: (roversawh7) Italy: Demeterio Albertini: (puffascruffowitz) Franco Baresi: (puffascruffowitz) Roberto Bettega: (puffascruffowitz) Gianluigi Buffon: (roversawh7) Antonio Cabrini: (AndyFal36) Alessandro Florenzi: (roversawh7) Alessandro Nesta: (roversawh7) Andrea Pirlo: (roversawh7) Paolo Rossi: (AndyFal36) Christian Vieri: (roversawh7) Ivory Coast: Serge Aurier: (roversawh7) Youssouf Fofana: (roversawh7) Joel Tiehi: (roversawh7) Jamaica: Allie McNab: (roversawh7) Mexico: Jared Borgetti: (roversawh7) Luis Hernandez: (roversawh7) Zague: (roversawh7) Morocco: Younes Belhanda: (AndyFal36) Medhi Benatia: (roversawh7) Abdelmajid Dolmy: (roversawh7) Ahmed Faras: (roversawh7) Netherlands: Stefan de Vrij: (roversawh7) Nigeria: Emmanuel Amuneke: (puffascruffowitz) Uche Okechukwu: (puffascruffowitz) Peter Rufai: (roversawh7) Norway: Runar Berg: (puffascruffowitz) Paraguay: Roberto Fernandez: (roversawh7) Julio Cesar Romero: (puffascruffowitz) Paulo da Silva: (roversawh7) Poland: Jacek Bak: (roversawh7) Kazimierz Deyna: (puffascruffowitz) Jerzy Dudek: (roversawh7) Jan Tomaszewski: (roversawh7) Tomasz Waldoch: (roversawh7) Portugal: Paolo Bento: (roversawh7) Eusebio: (roversawh7) Humberto Coelho: (puffascruffowitz) Fernando Couto: (nick1408) Luis Figo: (puffascruffowitz) Alvaro Magalhaes: (puffascruffowitz) Nani: (roversawh7) Nene: (roversawh7) Pepe: (roversawh7) Rui Patricio: (roversawh7) Ricardo Sa Pinto: (puffascruffowitz) Romania: Dan Petrescu: (puffascruffowitz) Florin Raducioiu (puffascruffowitz) Russia: Valentin Ivanov: (roversawh7) Valery Voronin: (roversawh7) Scotland: Jim Baxter: (4457) Paul McStay: (roversawh7) Pat Nevin: (roversawh7) Senegal: Saar Boubacar: (roversawh7) Serbia: Dragan Dzajic: (puffascruffowitz) Vladimir Jugovic: (ac13) Mladen Krstajic: (puffascruffowitz) Spain: Santiago Canizares (puffascruffowitz) David De Gea: (roversawh7) Fran: (roversawh7) Rafael Gordillo: (puffascruffowitz) Fernando Hierro: (roversawh7) Quini: (AndyFal36) Andoni Zubizarreta: (roversawh7) South Africa: Eric Mathoho: (roversawh7) Sweden: Sven Axbom: (nick1408) Ralf Edstrom: (roversawh7) Switzerland: Tranquillo Barnetta: (roversawh7) Diego Benaglio: (rywilson) Georges Bregy: (roversawh7) Ricardo Rodriguez: (roversawh7) Philippe Senderos: (roversawh7) Kubilay Turkyilmaz: (roversawh7) Tunisia: Habib Akid: (roversawh7) Abdelmajid Chetali: (roversawh7) Turkey: Isfendiyar Aciksoz: (roversawh7) Emre Asik: (puffascruffowitz) Can Bartu: (roversawh7) Servet Cetin: (roversawh7) Senol Gunes: (roversawh7) Seref Has: (roversawh7) Lefter Kucukandonyadis: (roversaw7) Vedat Okyar: (puffascruffowitz) Turgay Seren: (roversawh7) Gokhan Tore: (roversawh7) Burak Yilmaz: (roversawh7) United States: Ricardo Clark: (roversawh7) Tim Howard: (AndyFal36) Jermaine Jones: (roversawh7) Oguchi Onyewu: (roversawh7) Tab Ramos: (AndyFal36) Eric Wynalda: (roversawh7) Uruguay: Daniel Fonseca: (roversawh7) Dario Pereyra: (puffascruffowitz) Wales: Gareth Bale: (roversawh7) Regens: Roger Lopez (Spain): (roversawh7)