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  1. You can tweet username aljarov if you have a Twitter account.
  2. Known bug from FM15 or before that I guess was never fixed.
  3. Euro Winners since last screenshots:
  4. World Cup Winners since last screenshots:
  5. Some records: Premier League: World Cup: Euros: Champions League: Europa League: England international history: Wales international history:
  6. Unfortunately, I am going to have to call an end to this save. It looks like FM16 has a limit on save size at around 2GB and I have reached it. The final update point is after the season in the year 4200. I will probably start a FM17 save somewhere, but will possibly wait until the final patch. I will break up the screenshots over a number of posts. Status: Final Season Tables: Coefficients: Leading transfers: England Hall of Fame:
  7. Non-loaded leagues tend to work in one of two ways. Either there is a huge variety of winners or none at all. Scotland is the latter in this save. Celtic has won all 2000+ titles. It has been a mix of teams for second and third though. I feel like there's a bug in there somewhere, but there is no way of knowing since I do not have a save from around that point.
  8. The ones above have all been added along with this:
  9. I will do a more complete set of screenshots later, but I wanted to commemorate getting to the year 4015 to mark 2000 years of simulation, a mark that I have only ever surpassed twice. The game is getting unstable, so it will probably not get much further, but I will run it a little while longer. I have not decided on FM17 yet because Wales is more uncertain with Brexit in the game, but Singapore seems like an option.
  10. I have added both to the list. In the future, could you exclude potentially identifying information like favorite clubs just to be safe? Thanks. It does seem like the number of comparisons is down from last year, but I will wait until more regens filter through to make a final judgment. I could just have bad scouts.