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  1. Brilliant thread and great read, thank you for taking the time to make threads like this THOG!
  2. The ability to manually handle setup of friendlies. Currently the AssMan sets up friendlies automatically and hes setting up more and closer together then I want. My LLM teams just cant play 2-3 games a week and then not be totally exhausted at season start. This is even more of a problem in winter break for countries that have this. On top of this please let us assign AssMan to handle friendlies. I might be wrong but currently the closest option is using instant result for friendlies but that dont seem to rotate players for match fitness or at least if it does its not doing a good job at it.
  3. Todays stupid question: In game statistics you have shots, shots on target, off target. How come these dont add upp? If a shot isnt on target it should by definition be off target no? How can I have more total shots then on/off target adds up to? Where did the other shots go? Probably a really silly question but well... either I'm missing something or they define off target very strangely.
  4. Thanx for another release Hough! I'm however having trouble with defence so have gone back to your 4-3-3 setup as that still works best for me but it might be because I have been using that one for a long time and hence kind of lack wingers
  5. Have just had 2 straight promotions with Darlington with the 12.3 version still (have updated to 12.4 but not seen much difference). Started in BSP finished second and got promoted from playoffs then finished 1st in npower league 2 with 82 points. More or less totaly remade the team though. I dont play with pounds so not totaly sure about the figures but my wage budget is about 28K/w in pounds in league 2 and I cant still only scout UK + Ireland so by no means a super team. And my finances after second season is a 40K profit total
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