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  1. Brilliant thread and great read, thank you for taking the time to make threads like this THOG!
  2. Thank you, however I suddenly can't replicate it so holding off for now. Only thing I did differently was manually name the custom view and export/import it then restart the game, since then it has worked flawlessly. So keeping my fingers crossed it keeps working
  3. All Done! If SI needs more examples of custom views not working where would I go about reporting this? Can upload savegame if needed.
  4. The ability to manually handle setup of friendlies. Currently the AssMan sets up friendlies automatically and hes setting up more and closer together then I want. My LLM teams just cant play 2-3 games a week and then not be totally exhausted at season start. This is even more of a problem in winter break for countries that have this. On top of this please let us assign AssMan to handle friendlies. I might be wrong but currently the closest option is using instant result for friendlies but that dont seem to rotate players for match fitness or at least if it does its not doing a good job at it. Thank you for reading!
  5. I'm starting to like FMC more and more and in general I like the no staff responsibilities stance but that one is seriously disappointing. Some combinations of these "forced options" just don't make sense... I cant stop my assistant from arranging a whole bunch of friendlies and at the same time I cant even tell him to manage friendlies for me. Also having the persistent problem of custom views not being remembered in the Squad window. Funnily enough the Tactics screen can use and will remember my custom view but not the Squad window where it was actually made for.
  6. Sorry if its the wrong place to ask but cant find anything about it, is it possible to stop what I am assuming is my assistant manager from arranging friendlies? Hes trying to arrange A lot of them during winter break and for my liking way too close to the first league match. Playing in Ukranian second league and my players just can't play 3 games a week and then be fit for real games.... on top of this he tried arranging a friendly with a fierce rival that they promptly rejected. Its getting old having to manually cancel all these friendlies.
  7. Assuming its working as earlier game it will be active at the start of next season.
  8. Thank you very much evryone for your votes and the comments! Still hoping for some more comments though so please keep your thoughts coming
  9. I'm gonna give this another try on the front page hoping for some more comments! So far large database is in a clear lead according to the votes but would love some more comments/discussion on the differences and if anyone has noticed a difference in transfer markets with different sizes. So please comment!
  10. While I'm not really concerned about speed it would be a welcome bonus for sure if I could add more leagues while using a smaller database and end up with the same experience. Hoping for some comments from people who have tried it!
  11. A bit hard to draw too much of a conclusion from 3 posts but so far large database seems to be the most used option according to the votes but it there might be some merit to the idea about smaller database being a good option. Thank you for your comments/votes so far and please keep them coming! I'm interested in any experiences with either size
  12. I love doing journeyman saves and generally play for quite a long time 20-30+ seasons in alot of countries and leagues and have always used a large database with the thinking of the more players the better chance to find someone useful. I usually run with something close to 10-12 countries, 30-40 leagues and roughly 100k players. Notice; I'm used to playing with a estimated game speed of 1/2 to 1 star and dont have any problems with this so this is not a question about whats faster I'm just interested in what gives the best possible gaming environment in the long run. Now to the question, from reading posts on this forum I have noticed more and more people mentioning a smaller database size and more countries/leagues might be better in the long run due to there simply being too many players for the leagues loaded in a large database leading to it being harder and harder to unload players. And the counter point then being with a smaller database there will be more movement of players between both teams in the same country but also over the borders. So the question is for everyone who play long time saves, what database sizes do you use and if possible a post about what your reasoning behind it is. Have you noticed what I'm trying to describe above or do you have completely different reasons? Thank you in advance for your votes and comments!
  13. Liking the game overall great job as always SI. Three things previously posted I agree with and wish for: 1. Please give us an option to toggle small icons for the SideBar so we can chose to have the smaller version even on a larger resolution. 2. Let us toggle if team colors or some default color is used for the bars as some of them are really really bright and distracting. 3. Let us chose roles and duty's on the right side map in tactics screen. I dont mind the left bar but please let us use both.
  14. Absolutely brilliant discussion! I cant personally add anything to a discussion on attributes, but I love reading threads like this as it helps me every so slowly to understand all the small things that goes on in the background of FM. I really do hope SI takes the time to read threads like this and realize how many descriptions ingame needs an update sometime soon. I realize its not easy to put an accurate description on everything but as you all mention some of them are just plain wrong on simple things and it makes people complain about things that might actually be working as it should just that the description is wrong. Anyway keep it up guys and thank you for making it easier for the rest of us to learn!
  15. There is also a version of the game for iphone/ipad found here https://itunes.apple.com/app/football-manager-handheld-2014/id599937501?mt=8 Notice It is a separate game though and would have to be purchased separately.
  16. No matter where you buy it it has to be registred and run through steam.
  17. I play with high But turn off sky rendering usually at extended highlights and its working fine on a 13" retina.
  18. Buying an existing stadium havent counted as a "new" one for me the few times I have tried so unless something changed it shouldnt. However I strongly recommend that you dont buy the stadium if your on a decent contract and instead save up the money to build a new one later on as buying one is often just as expensive as building a new one. Or atleast save before asking and checking what the cost for the stadium or you run the risk of killing of your clubs finances for a long time.
  19. No expansions work but expansions will only do so much if you start with a 5-9k stadium. Just to be clear I'm not saying this is a bug I just want to know if there is a good reason for the cap as it feels kind of like an old failsafe that was left and forgotten about. People have argued that no club would build stadiums so close together in real life but as I said before a real life club wouldnt go from bottom tier to dominating europe in that time like is possible in this game. Its fine to make the game as close to reality as possible but then do it both ways.... There is no forced 20 year rule in real life, if you have the money I dont see the reason of this artificial cap.
  20. Point taken! Sorry about that but figured I'd save you a thread And thank you for the reply! Its a valid point but I'd argue making a check on the clubs finances is a better way to do this the making a hard coded limit. Like my example above... you take a small club with say a 2k all standing stadium up a couple leagues somewhere along the lines your likely to be forced into building a new ground to comply rules. Problem is I'm then stuck with that stadium the next 20 years even if I go on to make millions in tv and price money. If I have the money I should be able to ask for a new stadium when ever I want and there has to be better ways to stop the AI from bankrupting on building 5 arenas... So to end, any chance you could forward the question to someone who do know?
  21. Its just not really possible to compare different generations of cpu's on a basis of clock speed any more. Since a few years back we have essentially hit the cap for raw clock speed with the materials used in making cpu's and now its all about making that same clock speed more effective instead of just brute forceing speed. Some old P4's clocked to 4GHz but a modern cpu will run laps around it with half the clock speed as its better optimised and in simple terms can do more calculations every cycle. Sorry if this is too basic so no offence to anyone but: a really really simple example using 1 hand you put 2 bricks on top of each other taking 1 second to do so. Every time you do it again takes another segond. Now if you at the same time did the same thing with your second hand it wouldnt take double the time. This way you cand do 2 tasks in less time then it would take the first person (cpu) to do the same task. And yes I know its a silly example but was the best I could come up with atm sorry
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