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  1. Hello @Tony Garvey, do you have updates about saving in Epic Cloud size issue? (or whatever the cause for not being able to save on their cloud)
  2. I'm asking where to delete this path: Epic Launcher or in the game itself. If you'll scroll above, you'll see it's in two diff locations.
  3. Just to confirm, this section is in the Epic Launcher, or in the game preferences?
  4. I want to save to the cloud and that the manualr save would work accordingly. Where's the troubleshooting for Epic? Not sure I tried everything suggested yet.
  5. Here you go mate. This is the location for the LOCAL saves, as far as I know. Which I don't have issues with (the Epic Cloud is the problem).
  6. here you go. I've also added here screenshot of the path in my Epic Launcher; I added this path about a week ago following someone suggestion in the www.
  7. Sorry but I really don't see anything.. Check my screenshot. And the worst thing, I still don't know if the save will be saved or I will have only some older version of it.. so frustrating .
  8. Yes, all of them are valid. But with caveat, they are legit only once I have the auto save kick in. Manual save from in the game is an illusion.
  9. I don't know! Can someone please let me know where these saves are? And why I can't have push-save (press the save button to work) and only pull-save (having the game auto save by ore define schedule)?
  10. Short answer - it's not working. Long answer, I tried few times, the game shows the 'saving bar progress' and seems to be complete, but when checking in the local game folder there's nothing. Not to mention that once I'm reloading the game, there's no local save as well.
  11. I noticed that if I'm saving myself, it's not saving (even though it say it is) and I lost hours of play already. But I think that once the auto save kick in (like after a week in the game) than the game is saved. I hope at least this is correct, as I'm close to give up.
  12. Sorry mate, sure thing. Screenshot from the FM game/ Load option is uploaded here. as you see it's all with strange date format. Re the local save path you asked - there's nothing there because all my saves are in the cloud. But I've uploaded another screenshot from the epic_clod.
  13. Additional info. In the photo attched is what I see when marking the "show hidden files" checkbox. In March I installed FM20 from Steam that was 1 free season , and in September I installed it from Epic. The "cloud/games" folder contain my Steam save from March. The "epic_cloud" contain nada, and I have already made 4 different saves.
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