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  1. Additional info. In the photo attched is what I see when marking the "show hidden files" checkbox. In March I installed FM20 from Steam that was 1 free season , and in September I installed it from Epic. The "cloud/games" folder contain my Steam save from March. The "epic_cloud" contain nada, and I have already made 4 different saves.
  2. Hi, I have 1 HD. And using Search (as suggested above) I still can't find my cloud saves. Is the reason I have FM20 demo installed from Steam related? And how can I save a Save manually on the laptop?
  3. How can I save manually? Maybe that's the method I should use
  4. Yes sir. There are two Cloud folders, one as-is and one say Epic before. Both empty.
  5. There is "cloud" and also "epic_cloud" which is empty. should I uninstall the previous version of FM20 I had on Steam (the demo one). Or can I basically only able to save Local with Epic?
  6. I can't save games via Epic. I spent like 3 hrs , in two different days, with manila save every time, and although it didn't have any error - once I exit the game, the save was gone. And I can't find I'd anywhere on my C: drive. Using the latest 20.4.4 patch
  7. I want to learn from my previous Team Talks, can I find them anywhere?
  8. Hi, Why all the 'grey' Israeli players have Arabic as Basic language? In reality, the newer generations in Israel definitely don't know Arabic - only Hebrew (Fluent) and English (Good), so why this assumption? There are Israeli players that are from Arab origin, and then Arabic & Hebrew are both their Fluent language.
  9. I really want to add ANY national team to my save, but don't know how?
  10. I took them few years ago, after I did some research and found that they can have a good and solid fan base. But I failed every season until got sacked.
  11. Even though the Taça Brasil wasn't an official competition, I would still assume it should display under the relevsnt winners History/Overview trophy cabinet page? e.g. Santos, won few times but no mention of it in their History section.
  12. Hello, I'm playing with FMT16, and want to know how can I withdraw my player for playing in a FRIENDLY int'l game?
  13. This is so great!! Found them all - anything else need to be moved\backup?
  14. But again, this folder is empty - all my saved are not local but on Steam Cloud.. Making sense?
  15. Anyone please? There aren't any games in my "Games" folder, seems they all in the Cloud...
  16. Sorry for the delay responses.. and thanks for replying me. I saved all the Demo games on Steam cloud, so the Games folder has only config file. How can I restore those games? And is there anything else I can/ need to move from Demo to full Touch?
  17. Hello, I bought FM16 Touch and want to continue my Demo saves and keep my Demo setup there. How this can be done?
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