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  1. I'm enjoying the game a lot (as usual), but I have to agree with one main thing: The Match Engine. Since its introduction in 2009, it simply hasn't changed all that much. Sure, its finetuned and has some new animations, but in 9 (!) years it looks almost the same: Check this compilation of the ME from 2009 to 2017 I'm aware the engine isn't FM's selling point, and I'm not expecting video-realistic movement, but it's currently not looking much better than FIFA98; a game that came out 20 years ago. Especially now that the 2D view is very much phased out, SI really needs to step up its game in that regard.
  2. So I've been a bit out of the loop, and missed the whole discussion about Brexit in FM17; only just noticed it. Now I can totally understand why SI incorporated it into the game, and I applaud them for doing so. However, it doesn't suit the way I personally play the game. I found a way to disable it for a new save; however, is it in any way possible to only have the Soft Brexit on a running game? I've already completed about 2 seasons, and it feels a bit of a waste of my game if I throw it away to start over.
  3. By default, the FM theme follows the color of the team you're managing. My current team is Blue, and it's not really pleasing to my eye. Id much prefer the main color to be Black or even Red. Is it possible to change this? Or otherwise, is there a theme out there that does this?
  4. Looking to manage a club but the Chairman Status is Enjoying Life at the Club. I usually prefer clubs that have a chairman that Loves The Club, as they are less likely to be taken over. Is it possible for Chairman Status to go from Enjoying Life At The Club to Loves The Club? If so, what influences it?
  5. Currently looking into a Conference South or North save, with the goal of bringing one of the weaker teams to the top. To which extent does the potential fan base depend on the city the club is from? I'm a bit hesitant taking over a club thats located in a little town, and only finding out that I can't get enough fans because I'm in a little town. In addition, does it look at the size of the specific city, or does it also take into account cities in its proximity? (eg if I manage a club thats 20km from Manchester, it will take that into account)
  6. Thanks, I've tried and also tried restarting my pc without avail. Ultimately found out it was likely because of the time setting of my laptop (I'm currently in Japan). Changed the time setting to a European time and all worked out. Now lets get down to play, keep it up!
  7. Good job guys, looking forward to play. Just bought the game after this patch released, but now when I want to install, I get this error: any idea what causes this?
  8. Hi guys, im looking for a team in Blue Square North/South. Preferably a team that is predicted to end in a low position; any recommendations?
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