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  1. Thanks, I've tried and also tried restarting my pc without avail. Ultimately found out it was likely because of the time setting of my laptop (I'm currently in Japan). Changed the time setting to a European time and all worked out. Now lets get down to play, keep it up!
  2. Good job guys, looking forward to play. Just bought the game after this patch released, but now when I want to install, I get this error: any idea what causes this?
  3. Hi guys, im looking for a team in Blue Square North/South. Preferably a team that is predicted to end in a low position; any recommendations?
  4. Currently looking to pick a club in the BSN/BSS to rise to the top, but I was wondering if the hometown of a city has an influence on potential fan base. In real life, obviously a club located in a small town is less likely to have as many fans as a club based in London or Manchester. Is this also the case in FM, or doesn't it have an influence?
  5. Thanks for your response. The point is, I don't have the laptop yet, I will receive it in a few weeks. The thing is: I really want to start a new game. I don't really mind if for those 2 weeks it runs ****** on my old laptop, I'm just curious how many leagues I could handle so I can already make that save game. Maybe there must be someone on here with the RMBP (lower-end) who can tell me what is the recommended setup?
  6. In order for you to give a good estimation, you would need specs right? I thought RAM was the most important for FM, so therefore I just put down that. Processor is an i7 2,3 ghz.
  7. Hi, I'm currently running an old toshiba notebook with just 2gb ram, but I just ordered a new Mac with 16gb. However, it will only arrive in about 3 weeks, and my vacation just started: FM-time! Because I obviously want to transfer the savegame to my new Mac (and my savegames normally run for a full year), I want to get as many competitions as possible. How many leagues/nations would you recommend for the new MB-laptop?
  8. Oh come on, there are many clubs that are able to afford C. Ronaldo, especially if there is no transfer fee. I could name at least 25 clubs that could.
  9. Well, I'm a bit further in-game now and they still only want the non-contracts. However, some of the players have a really high potential (as in, 18 year old kids already being my stars with good stats) and I don't want to risk them walk away on a non-contract for free, instead of catching 100k for them. I can't imagine no other LLM-players are struggling with this?!
  10. Ahh, that's what I was afraid for. Another issue with the non-contracts then I think, as these players are already on part-time contracts so it's weird that suddenly they all demand non-contracts, right?
  11. Bumping this one on top, kind of afraid to continue my game cause I don't wanna risk losing my star players
  12. Currently halfway through my first season with Dorchester (BSN), doing alright with a 3rd place and slowly climbing towards the first spot. Anyway, it's almost the 1st of january, and I thought it would be wise to look at which contracts I would extend. I have about 10 player contracts (part-time) that are expiring in june 2011, and thought to extend about 4 of them. The others are crap or are on wages too high for their qualities. However, it turns out to be pretty much impossible to extend the contracts of these 4 players. They are currently on part-time contracts with wages between 150 and 350 euros a week. Every single one of them, now wants a non-contract with an appearance fee ranging between 250 and 375 euros. I've tried offering them part-time contracts, but they keep on refusing. If I lock the option of part-time contract, 2 of them have refused to talk any further with me. All the players I have offered a contract are regulars and had either very good or superb morale before entering the contracts. What's up?
  13. Ok, so first season; playing as a Blue Square South team and on a trial day I saw a 15-year old defender, who with his stats would already be close to a spot in the starting 11 (already played him about 10 matches so far, due to injuries and suspensions) Now, pretty much all my coaches say he could 'grow into a leading Blue Square Premier' defender, whilst I believe that at such an age, it would be weird for him not to get at least a League 1 level. Now I know there's such a thing as Potential Ability etc., but with my coaches judging potential being utter **** (around 5 or 6 I believe), is it possible that he will easily outgrow that level? Or will they be at most a 'little bit' wrong?
  14. Hmm that sucks. Even if they would be willing to sign a non-contract (which most are not willing to do), they would be able to leave for free, unless i put them in the status that makes them an absolute superstar at my club