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  1. I love the look of this. I've been looking for a tactic for a while which allows you to play Mane, Firmino and Salah consistently and have them all score a lot of goals. Seems very close to Liverpool in real life. Well done. It just seems to concede more and draw a few too many games compared to your other tactics which is a shame. I think if anyone is capable of matching Jurgen Klopp in the game it's you Knap
  2. Thanks mate. Ha good idea. I prefer to see if I can do as good/better than the real life manager has
  3. Which would you suggest for either Everton or Liverpool Knap without making any signings because I like to turn off transfers for the first season to make it realistic?
  4. @knap Merry Christmas knap. I was just wondering what type of players would you recommend for the ml and mr roles in Oxford? Could central midfielders who are adept at playing as wide midfielders do well there such as James Milner, Jordan Henderson, or Gini Widnaldum for example or is it better a fast winger type player such as Raheem Sterling, Theo Walcott or someone like that?
  5. Thanks pal. Ye me too. The problem with 442s or 4222s with dms is I feel life a lot of the best players in many squads need to be dropped or put into a position where they can't do as well as they do in real life in as you say a 4231. I'm just looking for a team that suits the Oxford tactic as I prefr to make no signings in the first window. Everton seem suited but I'd rather test with a sub top/top team (no offence to Everton)
  6. I'm thinking about trying Oxford with it being a Christmas Tree and it seems to be the highest rated by Mr L too
  7. @Spikester This the 4231 stargazing or 442 Spike? If it's the 4231 how did your attacking players do goal wise i.e. the two winger, striker and amc?
  8. What would you say is the best tactic to get a high scoring front 2 or 3 specifically Knap? For example playing as Liverpool to get Salah, Mane and Firmino scoring?
  9. I would like to know this too. For example Pogba can play DM but should I also train him on a DM schedule or not play him at all and go with an actual DM style player? There are obvious ones such as inside forwards like Sadio Mane that don't have ML as one of their positions who should obviously need retraining. This is my problem with the game in general, most teams these days are playing a 4, 2, 3, 1 with 2 central midfielders, inside forwards and an attacking midfielder or 4, 1, 2, 2, 1 with 1 defensive midfielder, 2 central midfielders an 2 inside forwards but these tactics don't seem to be working anywhere near as well in the game as they do in real life. Can't actually think of a team in real life that plays like Sicilian. It seems that if you play your wide men too far forward then the opposition gets space in front of the fullbacks and if you play your midfielders too far forward the same problem in midfield which is unrealistic in my view.
  10. @knap How are your results so far with the stargazing wip Knap? Is it worth trying over Sicilian or is it too early to tell?
  11. @knap Using Sicilian as Liverpool could Mane play on the left or would he have to be retrained? In general do you usually retrain players who play as inside forwards to the ML/MR positions?
  12. Doesn't Mane make a better left winger than Lallana or Milner Knap? I just noticed that you don't seem to use him much in the 442 tactics but he seems the best suited to me. Or is it because of long term injuries?
  13. Can you play Mane as ML in that tactic Knap? I noticed he scored 27 goals in your screenshots for that tactic. Was that from ML?
  14. Looks great Knap. Any plans on making the warpigs one like this where Salah is a poacher next to Firmino or would that be ineffective in this patch? This one I mean:- I love tactics that make Salah score a huge amount ha.
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