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  1. Same here, but I've started the game at 2018. Draft only happened in MLS.
  2. Poland picks Alex Grimaldo from Spain. Finally a very good LB!
  3. Poland takes Krzysztof Piatek back from Lithuania. Sorry for missing the pick twice...
  4. OMG, Lewandowski is gone already, now Piątek. We're doomed
  5. Poland picks Sandro Wieser form Liechtenstein.
  6. Håvard Nordtveit (North Macedonia) for Poland please.
  7. Poland picks Alexandr Martynovich from Balerus. It's quite weird that Hysaj wasn't even called up (I assume) for the game against Balerus.
  8. Poland picks Johann Berg Gudmundsson form Iceland.
  9. Is it still possible to join? I'd like to take over Poland if so.
  10. It's unlikely to happen in real life but it's allowed.
  11. I'm really suprised how well you're getting on now. I thought it will get harder as you get promoted to III Liga but you keep getting promotions! Very well done and I'm looking forward to see you in Ekstraklasa!
  12. That doesn't suprise me at all. There's a lot of polish disgraphs and diacritics in those names and you probably have no idea how to pronounce them and I understand that. I lived in England for few years and I was always trying to get my mates to say some harder words and they struggled a lot. The ones you mentioned are real tongue twisters, so it seams that taking control of Unia Wapno was a really wise choice Names of people are a bit easier because there's no Polish diacritics used for people's names in FM (for example Lukasz instead of Łukasz, Rafal instead of Rafał etc.). Anyways, as a Polishman I'll be following the thread to see how you're getting on. There's a long way up to the top flight and it will become more difficult as you reach III Liga (4th tier) for sure. Good luck mate!
  13. You really never heard of Spartak Trnava? I'm suprised that a FM player never came across a team that is a top team in it's country. After playing for so many years, I at least recognize the names of teams I play against
  14. Just an odd question - do you even try to pronounce the names of your players and opposite teams when you play? I'm always curious how foreigners cope with these (sometimes extremely) hard Polish names
  15. Balicki wins Goal of the season award - impressive! Can we see the tactic we are using?
  16. Thanks for having a look on it - now looks better after the update!
  17. I guess that game doesn't see the difference between championship and relegation group and assumes you're 4th in the league in general, which is obviously not true. FM18 had the exactly same issue, so I wouldn't expect this to be fixed before FM20.
  18. Is it possible to change the highlighted field? I'd rather have position or club name displayed instead of a description (which is sometimes too long to be displayed correctly).
  19. Player Name: Piotr Balicki Date of Birth: 22nd of December Position: LB Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Poland European Nation to Play for: Kosovo
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