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  1. It was a final game of the season, just after securing the league title, maybe that's why.
  2. Is the away fans attendance correct? I have this only when hosting other Melbourne teams. I've never played in Australia before, so I'm quite suprised, seeing more away than home fans at the attendance.
  3. Same here, but I've started the game at 2018. Draft only happened in MLS.
  4. Poland picks Alex Grimaldo from Spain. Finally a very good LB!
  5. Poland takes Krzysztof Piatek back from Lithuania. Sorry for missing the pick twice...
  6. OMG, Lewandowski is gone already, now Piątek. We're doomed
  7. Håvard Nordtveit (North Macedonia) for Poland please.
  8. Poland picks Alexandr Martynovich from Balerus. It's quite weird that Hysaj wasn't even called up (I assume) for the game against Balerus.
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