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  1. Zenit, shakhtar, cska Moscow, Porto, benfica, dinamo Zagreb
  2. Gamst pedersen was amazing, signed him for charlton couple of years before he went Blackburn. Not a legend but a prem player.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I've haven't been spurs for years due to me being an arsenal fan but I may give it a go after redknapps sacking.
  4. I need a fun game. Not bothered where, not bothered on finance, looking for a long term game that will interest me immediately. Had many false starts haven't been into a game for a few weeks now. Thanks.
  5. Need a new save to get stuck into, looking to be in premier league, championship or bundesliga. Want an interesting team thats under performed recently. Thinking Middlesbrough ATM, any other recommendations?
  6. Psg is a great save, I did 5 years with them. Ligue 1 is a bit of a challenge with Lille, Lyon and marseille but the real fun comes in trying to take them to the top in europe.
  7. I have the same thing, had an urge to start as Zenit or CSKA after Russia played, changes each night depending who plays
  8. Im going to start a Malaga save today, always on my to do list when i got the game initially and I love being teams with potential. Ive just had 1 5 year game with PSG but this should be even more of a challenge with Madrid and Barca in the same league.
  9. Sergio Aguero was unbelievable for me on a City save I had. over 40 league goals each season for 3 years. Also have to mention Sergio Floccari at Parma. Scored probably 70% of my goals over 2 seasons in Serie A.
  10. Im having a terrible block on who to be on FM. Nation: England, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Germany Division: Any in England, Top in others. European competition: Doesn't matter. Media prediction: I prefer a low prediction and expectation so something mid table. In Russia and Portugal however I would be looking at a top 5 team as i havent got great knowledge of these places. Board expectation: Doesn't matter. Transfer budget: Doesn't matter. Wage budget: Doesn't matter. Finances: Doesn't matter. Just looking for an interesting challenge within these countries, a team with a good base to start with as i don't like wholesale changes.
  11. I always have FM running while watching, the game normally gives me new ideas on who to be/sign etc. End up starting abot 25 new games in the space of 90 minutes.
  12. Ive decided to go with a "fallen giant", torn between Frankfurt, Deportivo or Celta Vigo
  13. Im pretty sure everyone who plays FM has days like that, especially when youve got a great save like that. Quite often the only discussions i have with my siblings are about our FM exploits.
  14. Im not sure if this is the right place for this thread so i apoligise if it is incorrect. Ive been reading another forum where people ake over a national team and then remove the manager of a club in the same country and apply for that job and (hopefully) manage the club and national team side by side. The point is there are several challenges in this, whether it be take your club to the top, try and win trophies with the national team, and try and increase the overall strength of football in that country (league rating etc). It is more fun/ long term if you start in a smaller country as taking Barca and Spain to the top would be easier than Dinamo/Croatia for example but anywa you want to play t has potential for a fun game. Is anyone currently doing this?
  15. Psg was really fun for me, challenge to make them one of the European giants. Do you know what country/expectation you want?
  16. You could start in Eastern Europe. Russia has Zenit and the Moscow clubs with good spines and finance or alternatively Ukraine where you have mega rich Shakhtar, Dynamo Kiev with a decent team or Dnipro and Metalist who have decent bases to start with.
  17. Anyone currently playing as Anzhi? How long is it before you can tempt better Russian players?
  18. Yeah im interested in villa be a good challenge and I know they've got some great young players. I'll have a look at them cheers mate
  19. Thanks for your suggestion but iv decided tat i want a team in England. Smaller team in Prem with good base to build on im just looking through the guides now and im edging towards swansea
  20. Desperately need a new team, had a long game with psg and now I'm having a complete block. Just looking for a team in a top division in Europe that are interesting and have potential for a long game.
  21. Anyone managing Anzhi at the moment? Just about to start, anyone got any recommendations of good Russian players that I could get at the beginning? Thanks
  22. Thanks guys, done 4 years won everything possible so im gonna look for new challenge but didnt want it all to go to waste
  23. Ive just become a club legend for the first time ever. I never really stick it out at one club but have managed 4 years at PSG and won loads. Just wondering whether if I leave i will remain a legend or i will automatically drop down the list?
  24. Germany- Hannover, Mainz, Koln, Hertha Spain- Espanyol, Getafe, Sociedad
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