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  1. Any ideas what to do to combat the insane amount of yellow and red cards I get with Fighter V2/Overload? Every game I usually get 4-6 yellow cards and in the 6 weeks of Season 2 I have played I have had 2 red cards, and a further 4 in my first season. I have tactics set to stay on feet as well.
  2. Struggling with him myself. Got him to play on the right, with Sane on the left; both signed at the same time. In December now. Sane has 10 goals and 8 assists. Sancho has one assist.
  3. @Totalfootballfan I have noticed using Fighter v1, that my striker struggles to score. My CM DLP and SS - Andre Gomes and Dani Olmo - both got over 20 goals each in season 2, but my strikers (first Kean then Halaand after I sold Kean) are really struggling. Any ideas?
  4. @Totalfootballfan Out of interest, how would you set up Everton using Annihilator? They don't appear to have any out and out wingers; Bernard, Richarlison and Iwobi are all inside forwards almost. Would it be detrimental to the tactic to have Richarlison on LW and Bernard on RW both in deep red?
  5. @Totalfootballfan Which updates does Annihilation work with? Will it work with the original ME or is it best one of the latest update?
  6. Brilliant, thank you. Yeah, I think I got lucky last season - some results were incredible.
  7. Using Fighter v1 with Everton. In my first season we somehow won the league. Season Two, and even though we have had a few injuries, I am finding the tactic is no longer working as well as it did. Looking at other tactics on here, Annihilator looks good, but tricky to implement at this time as the players I have bought are all for the Fighter v1 tactic. Any ideas on how best to freshen tactics up?
  8. Hi @Totalfootballfan, using Fighter V1 with my Everton team in season one. Finding the tactic absolutely dominates against bigger teams, who obviously come to play and not restrict. Have put 5 past Chelsea and Spurs, 6 past Arsenal and 7 past Southampton. I am finding when I play smaller clubs, especially away, I have to go to Attacking or Very Attacking to get a bit more urgency from the tactic. Have you noticed this in testing? Not complaining, it's a very entertaining save!
  9. Fighter v1 is dominating for me at the moment - just beaten Burnley 6-1 away. City up next.
  10. Tried my Everton team with Fighter v1 last night. Certainly entertaining! First game was a 4-4- draw at home to Wolves, coming back from 3-1 down to lead 4-3 before they equalised due to a defensive lapse. Beat Bournemouth 4-1 away and beat Chelsea 4-1 at home, so it certainly guarantees goals. Signed Angel Gomes as back-up, but he has played the first few in the Second Striker role; scored 2 and assisted 2.
  11. Do I need to be using the latest database to get the best out of the latest Cerber tactic?
  12. I was using the Destroyer and Conqueror tactics on my save game, via the Public Beta ME, but my laptop since broke down and had to go into be fixed (ended up having to wipe it). Tried to upload my game to the Steam Cloud, but it hasn't worked so having to start again. My question is; will these still work on the Public Beta, or has that been updated with the standard ME update? If so, does anyone have links for them anymore?
  13. The latest tactics; are they more effective on proper ME or public beta ME?
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