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  1. Guys any one have an issue if I re-create the thread with proper intro, screenshots etc.?
  2. Cool, looking forward to starting my save. Will prob leave the transfer window as disabled for the summer and work from there. Is there any plans for someone to roll forward the thread for 2020? (Sorry not volunteering!)
  3. Hi Diddy, will be a few days until I fire up the game. Did SI make any further changes you had suggested from the beta?!
  4. The problem with giving Van Dijk significant bumps in those stats may lead to him having Messi like CA and PA in the game. (Have not verified) IMO he already is the best CB on the database and rightly so. trent really isn’t that quick, he gets done by relatively quick wingers (remember that Cardiff game at the end of last season), and in game will prob end up with 16 or so pace and acceleration by season 2021 which again feels realistic. In a previous post DiddyDaddy mentioned that he want to make TAA much better but as prevented by SI. coming onto the forum stating this and that is wrong and needs to be fixed really won’t help anything.
  5. Cool, looking forward to the finished product. Thanks for your work
  6. I think at least with Trent he will have room to improve has stats to a decent extend (assuming he has similar PA as last year). Are you anticipated making any changes before the full release or expect all the stats to be locked in now?
  7. Anyone started an FM20 beta save yet? I have no time to play just yet but have gone through the squad and I think the players stats are pretty spot on, especially the spread of the front 3’s attributes (although with some of Bobby’s flicks etc. this season he could be soon looking at flair of 20!) I think robo may be a little underpowered and origi looks slow but that’s being really picky. I’d also love if Milner/hendo/Robertson got a model professional or model citizen personality as I love trying to make a squad with only these personalities, and in Miller’s case he would defo be deserving. Liverpool also seem to have a pretty sizable transfer budget, and some really good prospects in Brewster, jones and Harvey Elliott.
  8. Is anyone else having problems getting fair offers for players. Almost through 4 seasons and can only sell players valued at over €60m for less than half that. For example I just sold Mane for €25m when he was valued at €64m and wanted by numerous clubs, and haven't not any offers for players not on the transfer list.
  9. I had the same problem tried t least 5 times to get moving, but for me when I turned the editor and first transfer window budgets off I got going. Starting off my third season using my own tactics and am loving it
  10. All of those players have a -10, -9, etc potential ability so will vary somewhat from save to save. So for example player A who has -10 potential ability, could be generated in your individual save with a PA of 160 or 199 or anywhere in between I think.
  11. SMP, what mentality have you set for your away games, and is your issue not scoring or just conceding too many goals away from home? Perhaps your mentality is too attack minded for the away games, in my save I typically play a 3-4-3 Control at home, but switch to counter or even defend when away.
  12. He looks like a star in the making, I'd suggest training him as an F9 with focus on Quickness so you can make sure he develops the vital physicals as well as mental (only weakness is decision making IMO). Would be interested to see how he develops though, an absolute superstar in the making.
  13. Hey guys, just as FYI my laptop ran a new update last night and I have since been able to move the safe along without any crashes. Seems to be a little slower than before 17.3 but not overly fussed about that. Thanks a mill.
  14. Hi guys, I have updated my save file called "Liverpool baby" on Filezilla as suggested. My save is currently on 16 August 2018 and will consistently moves to "not working" and closes once it moves into the following afternoon. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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